Watch ‘Big Brother’ Ad-Free: ITVX’s 30-Day Roku Offer

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just us Big brother is preparing for her long-awaited return Rugby World Cup Final preparations for kickoff, ITVX and Roku seize the moment.

The streaming service offers the opportunity to experience ITVX’s premium content at no cost, with an extended trial period.

Starting from today until January 31, 2024any new or existing Roku user will have access to a free 30-day trial of ITVX Premium – The subscription-based version of ITVX that removes (most) ads and gives you access to more content.

Normally, ITVX Premium costs £5.99 per month and comes with a 7-day free trial, so Roku owners can now get a full month of ad-free viewing without paying extra.

The eligibility criteria for this offer is quite clear.

Individuals need to either purchase a new Roku streaming device and activate it, or if they’re already a Roku customer, they can simply redeem the offer (see detailed instructions below – as there are some caveats).

Watch ITVX Premium on TV

This new offer comes as another Roku offer – Three free months of Apple TV+is still ongoing – and eligible users can enjoy both at the same time.

ITVX Premium Call

ITVX is not a new name for avid watchers and sports fans.

Over the past 10 months, ITV’s streaming platform (which replaced ITV Hub) has seen a significant increase in subscribers, particularly due to exclusive streaming rights to popular programs such as Love Island And major sporting events.

Earlier this year, ITV’s children’s content also moved to ITVX – when Long-running channel CITV has closed.

Child watching ITVX Kids on laptop model

However, the journey was not entirely smooth. ITVX has had its fair share of missteps And Compatibility issues.

And as of this week, many iPhone and iPad users across the country They couldn’t watch ITVX Due to a problem in the application.

ITVX application on smartphone

ITVX offers its premium tier for £5.99 per month or £59.99 per year.

The premium subscription not only removes ads but also gives users access to Brit Books Librarypacked with over 4,000 hours of classic British content, plus selections From Studio Canal Presents.

back Big brother on ITVX

Reality TV show Big brother He is scheduled to return on October 8th It will be broadcast on ITVX (And ITV linear channels).

The new season will consist of 36 episodes, broadcast six nights a week. AJ Ododo And I will better He will host the show, oversee the weekly evictions and interview the housemates.

Big Brother Collage ITVX

A companion show will also be broadcast live after the main show, providing additional commentary and audience interaction.

One notable feature is the return of the live broadcast, which will be broadcast on ITVX during the late night hours. This is a nod to the show’s original format and will likely be well received by longtime fans.

Remember, if there are ad breaks during the live stream, you will see them even if you are an ITVX Premium subscriber. But if you watch later, on demand, ITVX Premium should remove the ads.

Roku streaming devices

Roku has long been one of the leading streaming device manufacturers in the US – and has made a big name for itself in the UK too.

All three of Roku’s standalone streaming devices are excellent streaming devices – with the 4K Streaming Stick included Our pick for the best streaming device in the UK.

In addition to ITVX, Roku devices support most streaming services Apps currently available in the UK, including live streaming apps for other public broadcasters – BBC iPlayer, Channel4 and My5.

Rocco Strimbar (See my review) combines two devices in one – a powerful streaming device and a compact soundbar, which will, in most cases, sound much better than your TV’s built-in speakers.

Additionally, Roku sells Roku TVs — Freeview TVs with the Roku operating system already built into them. Several models are now sold in the UK – including the A Roku TV from Hisense, Roku TV from METZAnd New JVC Roku TV Which launched this very week.

How do I get ITVX Premium for free on Roku?

To take advantage of Roku’s new offering, all you have to do is install Roku’s ITVX app on your device (either directly on the device itself, Via the online channel store).

Roku ITVX deal

Once you open the app, you can switch to the Premium tab – where you’ll see an option to sign up for a 30-day free trial (usually 7 days).

However, note that if you don’t watch the 30-day offer, you may have to update the ITVX Roku app on your device (if you already have it previously installed).

To do this, press the option

On the remote, with the ITVX app selected on the Roku home screen, choose

Update the ITVX Roku app

This promotion is available from October 4, 2023 to January 31, 2024. However, to avail this offer, users need to sign up for ITVX Premium on their Roku device and redeem the ITVX Premium offer by

February 8, 2024.

A valid payment method is required to sign up, although no fees will be charged if the subscription is canceled before the end of the 30-day trial period.

The offer is open to both new and existing Roku users – but it’s only open to new ITVX Premium subscribers – so if you’ve used the 7-day trial in the past, or if you’re a current ITVX Premium subscriber – you can. Do not use this offer. For more news and updates on TV and live streaming,Subscribe to our free newsletter