How to Stream the KSI vs. Tommy Fury on FireStick

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In this post, I will mention how to stream the KSI vs. Tommy Fury on FireStick, FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite, new FireStick 4K Max, iPhone, Android, smart TV platforms like Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, Apple TV, Roku, gaming consoles, iPad, and Fire TV without cable. I will talk about paid, cheaper and free ways to stream the high-profile match. Read the post until the end to learn everything.

It’s finally time to settle the differences between KSI and Tommy Fury in the ring. The blockbuster Battle of Britain is set to take place this weekend. YouTuber turned boxer KSI is preparing for the biggest test of his career against Tommy Fury. Here’s how to stream the KSI vs. Fury, known as “Judgement Day”, on FireStick without cable.

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When is KSI vs. Fury

KSI vs. Fury will take place on October 14, 2023.

Where is KSI versus anger?

The official venue for the KSI vs. Tommy Fury match is Manchester Arena, Manchester, England.

What time does the KSI vs Fury match start?

The fight card between KSI and Fury will begin at 2pm ET / 7pm GMT. The main battle between the two combatants is scheduled to take place at approximately 5pm ET/10pm GMT. Final timing may change based on the duration of previous battles. Let’s quickly go through those before we talk about streaming options.

KSI vs. Tommy Fury fight card

  • KSI vs. Tommy Fury: Cruiserweight
  • Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis: Bridgeruit
  • Salt Papi vs. Salim Al Bahr: Middleweight
  • Dean Al Azim vs. Waleed Sharks: Lightweight
  • King Kenny vs. Anthony Taylor: Light Heavyweight
  • WENDERSON NUNES vs. MY MATE NATE: Light heavyweight
  • Wasabi Lemao vs. Los Pineda Coladas: Light Heavyweight

KSI vs. Tommy Fury: Preliminary Card

  • Swarms vs. Ryan Taylor: Light heavyweight
  • Astrid Witt vs. Alexia Grace: Flyweight
  • SX vs. DTG: Heavyweight
  • Chase D’Amore vs. Tempo Arts: Heavyweight

KSI vs. Tommy Fury: Pre-Fight Record

YouTuber turned boxer KSI made his professional debut in November 2019. He faced fellow YouTuber Logan Paul and won the bout via split decision. The fight took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Although Tommy Fury had called out KSI a long time ago, The Nightmare refused to fight the British boxer. When Jake Paul lost to Fury in February 2023, he quickly called for a rematch. However, Paul’s plans changed when he decided to pursue MMA fighter Nate Diaz.

Since Jake Paul pulled out of the fight against Fury, TNT has turned its attention to KSI and TikToker Salt Papi. On May 13, KSI competed against businessman and professional boxer Joe Fournier. Although he initially won the fight, the decision was later overturned due to an elbow strike.

Shortly after the 2008 X Series, it was announced that the 009 X Series would take place on October 14, 2023 and be themed as KSI vs. Fury. In addition, the organizers also announced a fight between Jake Paul and mixed martial artist Dillon Danis.

I have written all the steps for Watch this event live for free. If you need to, please read the entire guide.

How to stream the KSI vs. Fury Fight Card in the United States

Since KSI vs. Fury is sold out, you should use your online streaming options to watch the high-profile fight card. DAZN has the broadcast rights to broadcast KSI vs. Fury worldwide. The popular streaming service is available in over 200 countries and has native apps on all smart platforms such as mobile, tablet, smart TV and gaming consoles.

In some regions, this is part of the DAZN subscription, but in major countries like the US, Canada and the UK, you must pay for a PPV pass to stream the KSI vs. Tommy Fury.

As for the US, the PPV pass is priced at $54.99. Once you purchase the fight pass from the official website, the fight should appear within your DAZN account. You can also stream boxing fights and regular sporting events with your standard DAZN subscription.

How to install DAZN on FireStick

Watch the match KSI vs. Fury on FireStick in Canada

The KSI vs. Fury $54.99 CAD in Canada. DAZN offers one of the best sports streaming libraries to Canadian subscribers. You can stream NFL, Premier League, Champions LeagueAnd all the major European football leagues.

It’s simply the best value for money for DAZN users in Canada. Complete your Fight Pass purchase from the DAZN website, and you’ll be ready to stream KSI vs. Fury online.

Stream KSI vs. Fury on FireStick in the UK

As expected, KSI vs. Fury is part of the PPV event in the home country as well. You’re looking to pay around £19.99 for a KSI vs. Fury. Once your purchase is complete, your Battle Pass should be available within your DAZN account.

The DAZN library in the UK is similar to the US library. You can stream sporting events and boxing matches throughout the year. Once you’ve purchased the Battle Pass, use the steps below to install DAZN on FireStick in no time. The app is readily available for download from the Amazon App Store.

How to install DAZN on FireStick

Can I watch the KSI vs. Fury on FireStick for free?

Disclaimer: This guide is purely educational. We do not own or operate any of the services mentioned. Some of them may not be legally licensed, and we do not verify their legality in all regions. If you choose to use unverified apps/services/websites, make sure you are only streaming public domain content. You accept responsibility for any media you access.

In some regions, the KSI vs. Fury with standard DAZN subscription. You don’t need to pay separately to watch the Saturday night fight. Although subscribing to DAZN is a cheaper way to stream KSI vs. Fury’s fight, the same is not available in major territories.

If you want to watch KSI vs. Fury without paying a single dollar, use third-party apps on FireStick. After all, there is no shortage of such unofficial apps on FireStick. However, you should be careful while streaming such sporting events via unofficial apps.

FireStickHow cannot confirm the official licensing of these apps and services. You are on your own while streaming content. That’s why it’s important to use it ExpressVPN While watching content from these sources. It hides your IP address and FireStick browsing history from the authorities.

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Here’s how to quickly get ExpressVPN on your FireStick:

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Step 2: Download and install ExpressVPN on FireStick:

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ExpressVPN for Fire Stick

vpn for firestick

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Expressvpn Firestick

Step 3: Open ExpressVPN once you download it. Log in with your account.

Login VPN on Firestick

Step 4: Choose a server and click the Connect/Power button

Connect ExpressVPN on your Fire Stick

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IPTV services, sports sites and Kodi

There are many options for FireStick users. You can start with sports apps on FireStick. I recommend installing some apps from the list to watch the fight card between KSI vs. Fury.

If you don’t prefer such sports apps, go for Kodi. It is the best third-party app for FireStick users. You can download and integrate Kodi The most important sports add-ons for Kodi To watch high profile matches like the KSI vs. Fury.

You can also run Amazon Silk Browser on FireStick and visit The most important sports sites To stream KSI vs. Fury for free. These websites may be infected with false extensions and advertisements. It is important to use ExpressVPN To stay private.

When none of the tricks work, try IPTV services On FireStick. With an active IPTV subscription, you’re looking forward to streaming thousands of live TV channels, PPV events, and on-demand content on FireStick. You need to set it up using IPTV player To enable sports broadcasting.

In conclusion

It will be a fight between KSI and Tommy Fury. Who are you to eradicate? Can ‘The Nightmare’ topple ‘TNT’? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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