YouTube’s Primetime Channels: UK’s All-In-One TV Service

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Starting today, YouTube is bringing a new feature to the UK called Peak channelswhich allows users to subscribe to their favorite premium streaming channels and watch them in one place.

Users can now enjoy shows from popular channels like Paramount+, Lionsgate+And Hiyo Without having to switch between different apps, all on the YouTube app/website.

Primetime channels follow successful launches in the US and Germany, making the UK the third country to trial this simplified viewing method.

Traditionally, we’ve known YouTube as the go-to place for short videos, but with Primetime Channels, YouTube is stepping up its game in the UK.

With the YouTube app available on almost every streaming device sold in the UK, it helps reduce app compatibility issues, and the need to install a new app for each streaming service you want to watch.

YouTube on TV
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And if this type of platform sounds familiar — that’s because others, like Amazon’s Prime Video Channels and Apple TV, already offer a similar platform, where you can subscribe to premium channels as an add-on, within the Prime Video or Apple TV apps.

However, with Amazon’s Prime Video channels, there’s a slight catch – you must have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription first before you can subscribe to additional channels.

Primetime YouTube channels, on the other hand, are open to anyone with the YouTube app, making them accessible to those who aren’t keen on stacking up on subscriptions.

Starting today (the service has not yet launched, in the UK, as of this writing – but is expected to launch later today), you’ll be able to subscribe and watch the premium services LIONSGATE+, Hayu, History Play, Paramount+, and Crime. The investigation will be played live on YouTube.

American Prime Time YouTube channels
YouTube Primetime channels (in the US)

And for sports fans, DAZN services will soon be arriving on Primetime channels in the UK too.

Richard LewisYouTube UKI Partnerships Manager pointed out the inconvenience of switching between different applications to watch various content: “The need to move from one application to another to access the desired content disrupts the user experience and increases its friction.”

He added that Primetime Channels aims to simplify this by giving users access to official TV, movies or streaming service content, all in one place.

A recent Nielsen study highlighted that many UK YouTube viewers are discovering new TV content through YouTube suggestions.

Additionally, nearly half said that YouTube encouraged them to continue using paid streaming services.

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Now, with Primetime Channels, if viewers find a show they like, they can subscribe and watch it without leaving YouTube.

However, it’s worth noting that the list of premium channels one can subscribe to on YouTube UK is currently quite slim – especially when compared to Amazon’s Prime Video channels (or even YouTube itself – in the US – which has over 40 Primetime channels shown).

YouTube Primetime Channels vs Amazon Prime Video Channels

Prime Video Channels It is an add-on to your Amazon Prime Video subscription. they It was launched in the UK in 2017The list of available channels has been growing ever since, and now includes some well-known features such as: Discovery+ (including TNT Sports), mgm, Paramount+, Goosebumps and many more.

View Prime Video channels 2023
Prime Video Channels

As mentioned, you must have it Amazon Prime Subscribe first (Or Prime Video), and then you can add channels on top of that.

Once you subscribe, you can watch channels on your desktop, smartphone, or on your TV, via the Amazon Prime Video app, available on most and most smart TVs. Streaming devicesLike the Amazon Fire TV Stick And the roku streaming stick 4k, And even On preys.

When we compare Amazon’s Prime Video channels to the new YouTube platform, Primetime channels on YouTube seem to have a more flexible approach.

On Amazon, you have to subscribe to Prime Video first before you can access the other premium channels. However, with YouTube, anyone with the app can subscribe to any of the Primetime channels directly, with no additional subscription required.

This openness will likely attract more viewers to YouTube’s new feature, making it easier to access premium content without requiring an additional subscription as is the case with Amazon.

Also, with YouTube being a familiar platform to many, it might attract more people to try premium channels – although that could be a double-edged sword, as most people think of YouTube as a platform for short-form videos, and premium ones don’t necessarily have TV content.

YouTube on MacBook screen
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Additionally, the move signals YouTube’s ambition to become a more inclusive entertainment platform in the UK. Until now, it has been solely a digital video on demand (VOD) platform, with movies and TV shows purchased and rented.

And while Amazon has been in this game for a while, YouTube’s broad user base and easy-to-use platform could eventually give it a competitive advantage.

By collaborating with several premium streaming services, YouTube is not only expanding the reach of its content, but also creating a way for these services to reach a wider audience.

Peter ParmenterThe Executive Vice President of Business Development at DAZN shared his thoughts, saying: “Removing friction and making it as easy as possible for sports fans to access the content they love is central to our strategy at DAZN.

“Therefore, we are delighted to be a partner with YouTube in launching Primetime channels in the UK and globally.”

DAZN Streaming Apps - Deposit
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As YouTube moves from a platform primarily for user-generated content to one that also offers curated, premium content, it is playing an important role in our digital entertainment habits.

Through a combination of user-generated videos, premium streaming channels, and a robust recommendation system, YouTube is trying to position itself as a major hub for online content discovery.


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