15 Best Kodi Addons for Free Movies & TV Shows (October 2023)

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Kodi movie addons

This will provide evidence Best Kodi add-ons To stream free movies and TV shows.

The best Kodi add-ons include The Crew, FEN, Nightwing, Moria, and others mentioned in this guide.

There are thousands of Kodi add-ons available, making it a daunting task to find the right one for you.

Fortunately, we’ve simplified this process by providing you with the best options filmsTV shows, and more.

These add-ons work on any device, including streaming devices like Amazon Firestick And Fire TV.

Many people prefer Firestick and Fire TV devices as their primary Kodi device due to their capabilities Jailbreak the device.

If you are new to Kodi, you can follow the guides below to install it on your favorite device:

How to install Kodi on Firestick
How to install Kodi on Android

A quick look at the best Kodi add-ons

These add-ons work great for streaming movies and TV shows along with many other content.

While some have live streaming, most offer VOD-only options. If you’re looking for other add-on options on Kodi, check out the following articles:

important note: Kodi is usually unreliable for streaming content. For the best live TV options, we suggest viewing our IPTV resources page.

The best IPTV services

The best way to use most of the add-ons below is with SR Debread Which will provide high quality and completely buffer-free streaming links.

Legal Disclaimer: IPTV WIRE does not own or operate any IPTV service or streaming application. We do not host or distribute any applications. We do not check whether IPTV services or app developers hold the appropriate license. The end user is solely responsible for media accessed through any device, application, add-on or service mentioned on our site.

For a 100% legal IPTV service, we recommend IPTV WIRE Vidjo.

This page will stay updated with the best movie add-on options with installation guides for each.

If you want a more sophisticated way to access and use Kodi, we suggest you Kodi build Includes many additional functions in a unique user interface.

Best Kodi add-ons of 2023

All the options mentioned below are currently working and available for installation on the latest version of Kodi.

We suggest Bookmark this page To stay up to date on which add-ons work best.

It is important to note that many of these add-ons do not work with previous versions, such as 18 Leia or 17 Krypton.

We always recommend using the most stable version of Kodi for the best streaming experience.

1. The crew

Addon Kodi Crew


The Crew tops our list of the best Kodi movie addons due to its wide range of content and high-quality link options.

It works very fast and has many categories to choose from, including live streaming, making it the most popular add-on option available today.

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Watch the video below for The Crew’s installation and more details.

Kodi Crew addon details

2. Two thousand

vin code addon


FEN is another popular name that should be included in your list of Kodi movie add-ons.

This is a high-quality add-on located within the Tikipeter repository that provides thousands of popular titles on demand.

FEN Kodi Addon Details

3. Magic dragon

Magic Dragon Kodi addon


Magic Dragon is a popular Kodi addon that features more than just movies and TV shows.

Users will find categories for many options such as AnimeStand up, 4K and more.

Magic Dragon Kodi addon details

4. Sirin

Serene Code addon


Seren is a “premium” addon for Kodi Movie and requires real debrid or other service to use.

Links created in Seren are of the highest quality and play completely buffer-free, so your stream never drops.

Serene Code addon details

5. MTV

Mitv Kodi addon


METV is a popular add-on that has been around since the Kodi 17 Krypton days.

This is a high-quality add-on located within the EzzerMac repository that features categories for Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live Channels, Kids, and much more.

METV Kodi Addon Details

6. Moriah

Appendix Moriah Cody


Moria is a new Kodi movie add-on that provides high-quality links and tons of content.

This add-on is located in The Crew Repository which provides free movies, TV shows, and other on-demand titles.

Morea Kodi addon details

7. The ruling family

Kodi strain addon


Dynasty is the newest addition to our list. This add-on is a powerhouse that offers movies, TV shows, and even live channels.

The Dynasty Kodi add-on is located inside The Warehouse Repository. See our guide below for more information about the ruling family.

Kodi strain supplement details

8. Forgiveness



Absolution is a new Kodi addon that works well on any Kodi device including Firestick and Android TV.

Links are available in HD resolutions including 1080p and 4K and have Real-Debrid capabilities for the ultimate streaming.

Details of the Forgiveness Kodi addon

9. Artemis


Artemis is the latest addition to our list of Kodi add-ons but it is intended for Real-Debrid users only. This can be installed from the repository.

Categories offered by Artemis include Movies, TV Shows, My Movies & TV Shows, Anime, Featured Gadgets & Services, and more.

Artemis addon details

10. Codeverse

kodiverse addon


KodiVerse is another addon that has recently gained popularity among many users.

This is another “all-in-one” supplement that combines several supplements into one supplement. You’ll also find different categories of content including movies and TV shows.

KodiVerse Kodi Addon Details

11. Asgard

Asgard Kodi addon


Finding movies and TV shows along with a lot of other various content is made easy with the Asgard addon.

There are plenty of categories to choose from including a non-debridement section for those who do not use this service.

Asgard Kodi addon details

12. Homeland



Many will recognize the interface of the Homelander Kodi Movie Addon which is similar to the once popular Covenant add-on.

With trakt integration and only 4 categories to choose from, navigation is simple and easy to follow.

Homelander Kodi Addon Details

13. Black Lightning

Black lighting


Trakt users and Real-debrid users alike will love the integration options within Black Lightning for both services.

There are plenty of categories including search options by actor, torrents, and more.

Black Lightning Kodi addon details

14. Shadow



Shadow is one of the best Kodi Movie addons with many TV show options as well.

Streaming options are available in high definition and play with little to no buffering. Especially when combined with a real account.

Shadow Kodi addon details

15. Luffy



Luffy is a newer addition from The Crew Repository loaded with on-demand content.

Categories within Luffy include Movies, TV Shows, Popular People, Discover, Favorites, My Services, Settings, and more.

Best Kodi Movie Addons – More Options

Since there are so many add-on options, we suggest testing several options until you find the one that suits your preferences.

If you don’t find any of the above options suitable, try using one of the following add-ons that have various features and options to enjoy streaming.

important note: If you want to uninstall an extension, you’ll need to do so Reset Kodi on your device.

Are Kodi movie addons legal?

It is impossible for IPTV Wire to determine whether unverified Kodi add-ons carry the appropriate license.

If an add-on is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update the reports on our website to reflect that information.

In conclusion, the end user is responsible for all content accessed through unverified add-ons, apps, and services.

For 100% legal and certified IPTV providers, check out our resource guide below:

Best Legal IPTV Providers

Overall, these are the best Kodi addons for Android streamers!

Kodi add-ons FAQ

What are the best Kodi add-ons?

The best Kodi add-ons include The Crew, FEN, Nightwing, and others mentioned above.

Are Kodi movie addons free?

Yes. All add-ons are available to install and use for free on any device.

What is Kodi addon?

A Kodi add-on is a plug-in or extension designed to work with the Kodi media player. This addon allows users to stream or download movies directly through the Kodi user interface. Some add-ons provide access to vast libraries of films from different genres, regions, and periods, while others may focus on specific categories such as classics, foreign films, or independent cinema.

Are all Kodi movie addons legal?

Although Kodi itself is a legal and open source media player, some third-party add-ons can provide access to pirated or copyrighted content without proper licensing. It is important for users to research and ensure that any extension they install adheres to copyright laws. Only use add-ons from trusted and legitimate sources that respect copyright.

How do I install Kodi add-ons?

To install an add-on, you’ll need to follow these general steps:

  1. Open Kodi and click on the gear icon to open the settings menu.
  2. Go to System Settings -> Add-ons, and turn on the “Unknown Sources” option. This allows you to install third-party add-ons.
  3. Go back to the system menu and choose “File Manager”.
  4. Click Add Source, and enter the URL of the repository you want to download the addon from.
  5. Give a name to the source and emphasis.
  6. Return to the Kodi home screen and select Add-ons, then click the open box icon.
  7. Choose “Install from zip file”, and select the source you just added.
  8. Once the repository is installed, choose “Install from repository,” select the repository, and then find the addon you want to install. Remember that the exact process may vary depending on the specific extension and repository.

Can I watch free movies on Kodi?

Yes. Users can stream free movies on Kodi as well as TV shows and other content options.

Why aren’t my Kodi add-ons working?

There could be several reasons why Kodi add-ons are not working. The addon may be out of date, the repository the addon comes from is broken, or there may be compatibility issues with your version of Kodi. Sometimes, the problem can be as simple as a poor internet connection. Always make sure your Kodi app and add-ons are updated, and if problems persist, try seeking support from the add-on developer or community.

What are some popular and legal Kodi add-ons?

There are many popular and legal add-ons available that provide access to a large amount of content. These include:

  1. pop: This is a free addon offered by Sony, which offers a good selection of movies and TV shows.
  2. Tubi TV: This addon provides free streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, with ads.
  3. popcornflix: Another free movie platform with a variety of genres to choose from.
  4. BBC iPlayer: This is great for British movies and TV shows, but requires a UK IP address or VPN.
  5. Netflix: The official Netflix Kodi addon lets you access your Netflix library directly from Kodi, but a paid Netflix subscription is required.

Always respect the copyright laws and terms of service of these platforms.

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