How to Install Dynasty Kodi Addon (Movies, Live TV, & More)

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This post shows you how to install Dynasty Kodi addon on any device. The instructions work on FireStick and other Kodi-compatible devices, including Fire TV Cube, Mobiles (Android & iOS), Google TV with Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, and other Android TVs and TV Boxes, Linux, Mac, and more.

⚠ WareHouse Repo is Down ⚠

The WareHouse Repository is currently unavailable. So, unfortunately, the Dynasty Kodi Addon cannot be installed. However, there are several other options to explore from our collection of Best addons for Kodi.

how to install dynasty kodi addon

What is Dynasty?

Dynasty is a multipurpose video addon for Kodi that provides on-demand movies, shows, documentaries, standup comedy, and even live TV. You can install this addon from the famous Warehouse Repository.

Dynasty works great with Real Debrid and Trakt services. It offers one-click playback of films and episodes. The addon has a neat and clutter-free interface. In addition, it features familiar and user-friendly categories to help you quickly browse videos.

Dynasty is undoubtedly one of the best Kodi addons to have at this time.

Attention KODI Users: Read before you continue

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Read: How to Install & Use the best VPN for Kodi.

Is Dynasty Safe?

At, we aren’t any security experts. Therefore, we cannot claim that Dynasty is one hundred percent safe, especially since it is a third-party addon from an unofficial repository, The Warehouse.

However, I cannot dismiss it as unsafe because it runs on my devices and has given me no reason to worry. Furthermore, I tested the zip file of the Warehouse Repository with Virus Total. This antivirus checked the file with 95 security vendors, and all of them gave it a green flag. The following image is the proof:

is dynasty addon safe

Is Dynasty Legal?

It is impossible for us at to determine the legal status of the Dynasty Kodi addon. This addon does not host any videos on its server. Instead, it pulls streaming links from several unofficial providers. Unfortunately, we do not have the means to determine if all these providers have obtained the copyright license from the original creators or copyright holders.

Streaming from Dynasty may cause you to overstep legal boundaries. However, you can avoid it easily. You can watch public-domain movies and shows from any verified or unverified provider. Such videos are copyright free.

However, it is not always easy to make a distinction between copyright-free and copyrighted material. We do not condone piracy. However, your privacy is important to use. Therefore, I recommend using ExpressVPN with Dynasty to keep your online activities anonymous and safe.

How to Install Dynasty Kodi Addon

The process to install Dynasty is simple, but it could get a bit wordy. Therefore, I am breaking it down into multiple sections. Each section is essential for the outcome. Therefore, follow every step carefully.

Part 1: Enable Unkown Sources and Add Dynasty Repository Source

The Dynasty addon belongs to a third-party repository called The Warehouse. You can install addons from third-party repositories. However, you must first enable Unknown Sources (a security setting that blocks unofficial addons) and add the WareHouse repository source. Here is how it is done:

1. Click the Settings icon on the home screen of Kodi (the cogwheel in the upper-left corner, under the Kodi logo)

how to install dynasty kodi addon

2. Next, navigate to and open the option System.

click system

3. You should see this window now. Go to Add-ons in the sidebar on the left and then check whether Unknown Sources is disabled or enabled. If it is OFF or disabled, click the switch and enable it.

click unknown sources

4. A prompt will ask you to confirm if you wish to keep the changes. Click OK.

click yes

5. Since you are already here, click the option Update official add-ons from. This step is optional, but I always go for it.

Update official add-ons from

6. On the following popup window, choose Any repositories and click OK to confirm. You have allowed addons to get updated from any available repository.

any repositories

7. Press the back button on the remote to return to the Settings page. Click File manager when you are here.

click file manager

8. The following screen is divided into two similar sections. Choose and click Add source on one of the sides. You may need to click it twice on some devices.

click add source

9. A small dialog box should appear. Go ahead and click <None>.

click none

10. On this screen, you are going to type the WareHouse Repository source URL

You will use this source later to install the WareHouse Repository. Recheck the path for any typing errors and then click OK.

Disclaimer: This URL is a shortened version of the longer URL It points to the original source of the WareHouse repository. We are not associated with the repository developers or the Dynasty addon.

enter the source url

11. Kodi will automatically set the last part of the above URL warehouse as the media source name. I am keeping this name because it clearly identifies with the WareHouse Repository. However, if you want another name, you may click the text box and type a new one. Click OK.

media source name

Part 2: Install The WareHouse Repository

Since you have added the source, you may now install the repository from it. Follow these instructions:

1. Click the cogwheel icon again on the Kodi home screen and open Settings.

click settings

2. On the Settings page, click Add-ons.

click add-ons

3. Choose the option Install from zip file.

click install from zip file

4. Click the source name warehouse (or any other name you replaced the default name with) on this screen.

click warehouse

5. Click the zip file on the next page (repostiory.thewarehouse) and install the WareHouse Repository.

click the zip file

6. It should not take more than a minute to install this repository. Wait for the confirmation in the top-right area of the screen.

repository installation notification

Great! You have successfully installed the Warehouse repository.

Part 3: Steps to Install Dynasty Addon

Finally, you can install the addon from the repository. Here are the steps:

1. Click Install from repository on the same window where you clicked Install from zip file in the previous section (or navigate to this window from Kodi home screen > Settings > Add-ons).

install from repository

2. Click the folder The WareHouse Repository.

click the warehouse repository

3. Choose the option Video add-ons.

click video addons

4. This window shows you the list of all the addons hosted by the WareHouse Repository. Click Dynasty to proceed.

click dynasty

5. Click Install on the following window.

click install

6. A bunch of supporting addons will also be installed with the Dynasty Kodi addon. Click OK to accept.

click ok

7. The Dynasty addon files will download and install on your device. Your Kodi screen displays the installation progress. Wait for about a minute.

wait for the installation

8. When the installation is complete, a notification appears in the upper-right area.

dynasty addon installed

The installation of the Dynasty Kodi addon is complete.

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Overview of the Dynasty Kodi Addon

The addon is straightforward. You will get used to it quickly. First, however, let me give you a quick rundown.

Go to the home screen of the Kodi app and then click Add-ons.

click add-ons

Go to Video add-ons > Dynasty to launch the addon.

click dynasty

If you see a changelog window, press the back button to remove it.

changelog window

You land on the main screen of the Dynasty addon. You may now explore videos in various categories, including Movies, Shows, IPTV, 1Click Movies, and more.

dynasty kodi addon

You will find subcategories within categories. For example, open the Movies folder on the main screen for more options, such as In Theaters, Now Player, Anticipated, and more.


Dynasty addon also has a live TV section called IPTV & Sports. Unfortunately, it is not the most reliable, but you can still find many streaming options here.

iptv & sports

The IPTV & Sports section features USGoTV, TapTV, LnTV, and other live-streaming services.

iptv sports section

How to Get Real Debrid with Dynasty

You must have noticed that the addon has some Debrid categories. These categories offer faster playback through high-quality links. However, you can use the Debrid categories only when you sign in to Dynasty with your Real Debrid (or other premium debrid) account.

Read: Step-by-step guide on Real Debrid

You can buy Real Debrid online. It costs under $5 a month but adds a lot of value to your viewing experience.

After activating your RD account, follow the steps to use it with the Dynasty Kodi addon:

1. Open Dynasty and scroll down to the bottom of the home screen. Click Premium Services.

click premium services

2. Click Real-Debrid on the next screen.

click real debrid

3. Click the account setup option on your screen, which is highlighted in the image below.

click the account setup option

4. Click the Debrid tab and then click Authorize under Real-Debrid.

click authorize

5. Your Kodi window displays a code in a popup. Authorize Real Debrid on Dynasty at Sign in to your RD account if prompted.

code in the popup

How to Get Trakt on Dynasty

The Dynasty Kodi addon has dedicated several sections to Trakt. You can now easily sync your streaming history, watchlist, and favorites across devices by signing in to Trakt.

Read: Step-by-step guide on Trakt.

Get a free Trakt account and follow these steps to sign in to Dynasty:

1. Click Tools on the main window of the addon.

click tools

2. Click Accounts on the next screen.

click accounts

3. Click the Trakt tab followed by Open Your Accounts Addon.

click open your accounts

4. Click the Trakt tab again on the next screen, followed by Authorization.

click authorization

5. Your Kodi screen shows a code. Authorize Trakt on Dynasty by entering the code at

how to install dynasty kodi addon

Winding Up

This post demonstrated how to install the Dynasty Kodi addon. Did you find the process easy to follow? Are you using the addon? Please share your feedback in the comments box below.


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