Holiday Channel ‘That’s Christmas’ Hits Freeview / Freesat

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The holiday season is right around the corner, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with another channel dedicated to Christmas?

this week, “This is Christmas” It is set to debut on Freeview, Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media, temporarily replacing the ‘That’s 70s’ and ‘That’s 60s’ channels on some of these platforms.

This isn’t the first time Christmas-themed That’s TV has graced our screens over the holiday period — as This is now a festive tradition.

This year, the Festive Channel – the Christmas-themed sister channel of That TV – will be launched this Wednesday – October 18.

Santa Claus Christmas TV

That’s Christmas will take over the flagship broadcast of ‘That’s 60s’ on Freeview and Freesat (see full details below), and ‘That’s 70s’ on Sky and Virgin Media.

This Christmas promises to bring all the magic of Christmas to life with a host of Christmas films, music and more.

Since That’s TV is usually dedicated to nostalgia and entertainment, its Christmas-themed channel also tends to push the old buttons.

In previous years, Christmas would come with it Benny Hill Displays, Kenny Everett New Year’s Specials, Mike Yarwood’s Christmas Specials, Festive musical performances and more.

Mike Yarwood
Mike Yarwood (Image: This is TV)

The arrival of “That’s Christmas” isn’t just a one-time event; It reflects a broader trend in the streaming landscape where channels are adapting their programming or introducing new ones to celebrate the holiday season.

Last September, Skye was one of the first birds, Launch of the Christmas Movies Channel 24.

In the coming months, we’ll likely see more channels celebrating the festivities.

Christmas Santa Claus on TV

The launch of ‘That’s Christmas’ brings with it a slight shake-up of some of the other That TV services, which will see some channel changes.

As always, this will require a reset on Freeview (unless your Freeview device does this automatically).

These are the TV channel changes

With This Christmas coming up, there are bound to be some shifts in channel numbers across different platforms – and as usual, it will be particularly confusing for Freeview viewers.

Here are details of the upcoming changes, starting October 18:

This is Christmas Free offer:

“This is Christmas” will occupy Channel 65 At the UK level Channel 76 In Greater Manchester.

“This is the sixties” It will turn into Free View Channel 71 At the UK level Free View Channel 77 In Greater Manchester (replacing the 1970s).

“This is the eighties” It can be found on Freeview Channel 80, only in Greater Manchester.

“This is the 90s” will be on Free View Channel 75 At the UK level Al Hurra Channel 86 In Greater Manchester.

Furthermore, on Freeview, “That’s Christmas” will not be available 24 hours a day via antenna. During certain times of the day, only viewers with Internet-connected Freeview boxes will be able to access the channel.

This is Christmas in Heaven:

On Sky, the new That’s Christmas channel will only be available on Sky satellite devices (such as Sky Q). It will not be available on Sky broadband devices – Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

So, on Sky Q and older boxes:

This is Christmas will be displayed on Sky channel 329 (Instead of the 1970s).

This is the eighties Moves from Sky 367 to Channel 366 (Only available in the UK)

This is the 90s Moved from Sky 368 to Channel 367 (Only available in the UK)

This Christmas on Freesat:

This is Christmas will be on Freesat channel 181.

This is the 60s will be on Freesat channel 178.

This is Christmas on Virgin Media:

This is Christmas will appear on Channel 150 Across the UK, with local services on Virgin 159 in four locations.

This is the eighties It can be found on Virgin Channel 296.

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