Notable IPTV Services & Streaming Sites Reported to US Gov

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IPTV services and live streaming sites have been reported to the US government

Pirated IPTV services and sports streaming sites were prominent Reported to the US government By anti-piracy authorities.

The increasing spread of IPTV services And Free sports streaming sites It represents an ongoing challenge for rights holders, sports leagues and broadcasters.

Recent reports to the US reveal the extent of this problem, and highlight the depth and breadth of live sports piracy.

When compared with Bad Markets Report 2022are some of the familiar names in the new 2023 list provided by anti-piracy authorities.

This article delves into these reports to highlight the most popular services and the broad ecosystem that supports them.

IPTV Pirate Report “Notorious Markets”.

United States Trade Representative (US Trade Representative) asked stakeholders to identify important “notorious markets” associated with large-scale abuses. The reports submitted are now public.

The United States Trade Representative (USTR) asked stakeholders to identify

While several entities, such as the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), have expressed concerns in separate submissions, this post focuses primarily on three important submissions, all of which point to IPTV piracy and the Live broadcast of sports.

Key players in the anti-piracy crusade

Reports from the Anti-Audiovisual Piracy Alliance (AAPA) and the EFL, as well as a joint report from beIN Media and Miramax, provide a comprehensive view of the challenges faced by sports leagues and their broadcast partners.

There is significant overlap in pirated services mentioned in different reports, mainly because some rights holders appear in multiple submissions.

It is worth noting that AAPA members include giants such as Sky, Premier League, DAZN, DFL and BeIN – which themselves boast the broadcast rights to coveted events from FIFA, UEFA, NBA and MLB.

The overlap between these key entities paints a clear picture of the industry’s collaborative efforts to combat piracy.

IPTV services are notorious

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IPTV services are notorious

Many illicit IPTV services have been under the radar.


Leading the charge in the Premier League report BestBuyIPTV, a global service offering channels from broadcasters around the world, many of which show Premier League content. The service operator is believed to be located in Vietnam.

Notorious IPTV services BestBuyIPTV

TV forever

Another major threat comes from TV forever (and its subsidiaries Chaloos and Mediastar), which tops the AAPA report as well as the joint beIN/Miramax report.

This service, besides providing subscriptions, also offers a rebroadcast and resale program, which encourages greater distribution of pirated content.

More IPTV Pirate Services

There are many other disreputable services, including EVPad Its stronghold is in Southeast Asia; Family FundIt is an organization with a global reach based in Iraq. Globe IPTV, an identified content wholesaler in Lebanon; And SVI cloudwhich is a popular service in Southeast Asia and has large physical distribution channels.

Other pirated IPTV services included in the “Notorious Markets” report include Apollo Group TV, GoGo IPTV, Yacine TV, Cobra TV, IPTV Main, Bobres IPTV, CyberTV, Xtreme HD, King IPTV, Orca IPTV, IPTV Smarty, 4KEVO IPTV, and XCTV. IPTV, etc.

Notorious sports streaming sites

Both the AAPA and Premier League have identified several streaming sites, with several platforms appearing on both lists.

Live TV Sex

For example, Livetv.sxwhich is the favorite site for sports fans, provides its services to users in 12 different languages ​​and has received more than 129 million visits worldwide since October 2022.

Free streams-live1

Other notorious platforms include Free streams-live1which had to move to a new field after being seized by Homeland Security Investigations.

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Notorious sports streaming sites Freestreamslive

More sports streaming sites

The Premier League also reported on sites such as Totalsportek (Poland), VIPBox (Germany) and Xoilac (Vietnam). Meanwhile, AAPA has drawn attention to platforms such as, Streamonsport, and Rojadirecta, among several others.

At the end of the list, AAPA has marked e-book platforms, Science Fiction Centre And Lipginespecially since publisher Wiley recently became a member of AAPA.

Final thoughts

As technology develops and these illicit services become more sophisticated, the challenge of combating them increases.

It will be interesting to see if USTR uses these MPA submissions in its year-end list of notorious markets and whether these services will be targeted soon.

For more on this story, see the official submission from the MPA (PDF) and report on torrentfreak.

Legal IPTV streaming options

It is impossible for IPTV Wire to determine whether unverified IPTV services, applications, websites or add-ons carry the appropriate license.

If and when an IPTV service is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update reports on our website such as this one to reflect that information.

in conclusion, The end user is responsible for all content It can be accessed through free IPTV apps and paid services.

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