Freeview’s Big Update: Horror, Science, Sky Mix And More

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Several new channels joined Freeview this week, including a dedicated horror channel and one featuring science and robotics – along with a revamped Sky premium channel, and a few other changes (including – yes – a new Christmas channel).

Changes are starting to appear October 18but as always, some viewers will need to reset their Freeview devices so that the correct new numbers and channels are in place (some devices do this reset automatically – see our Recommended Freeview recorders here).

The new channels (some with premium programming) are good news for Freeview fans, as the service continues to expand though Ongoing discussions about its future.

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New Free View channels

Three of the new Freeview channels added to the platform this week are internet-based, meaning they can only be connected via broadband, and don’t reach your home via antenna.

To watch Freeview streaming channels, you need a modern Freeview device that supports the HbbTV standard – most modern smart TVs with Freeview Play, Freeview Play set-top boxes (such as the Manhattan T3-R, Humax Aura and others) already support this standard.

New Humax Aura Lifestyle interface
Humax Aura

Once you connect your device to broadband, you’ll be able to access these IP-only Freeview channels like a regular channel through your TV guide.

Amazing facts

Amazing Facts is a Christian faith-based channel that broadcasts Bible-based programming 24/7, featuring Pastor Doug Batchelor And other Spirit-led speakers.

TV amazing facts

  • Amazing facts Now available online Free View Channel 288.


A channel dedicated to horror, with a selection of movies and TV series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, whether you’re a casual fan or a hardcore horror fan.

Nix channel

Among the films shown this week is “Return Of The Fly” from 1959. Hardy Boys series, Tales from the Cryptkeeper TV series, and more.

  • Nix Now available online Free View Channel 289.

Mechanical +

Mech+ is dedicated to bringing viewers the best content in the fields of science, engineering and robotics, including the popular combat robot competition series Robot warsremastered in high definition for the first time.

Mechanical plus

  • Mechanical + Now available online Free View Channel 290

This is Christmas

As we reported earlier this weekThe holiday season has already begun – at least on Freeview – and… This is Christmas It now temporarily replaces the “These 60s” channel.

This is a Christmas TV model

This Christmas promises to bring all the magic of Christmas to life with a host of Christmas films, music and more.

Some of the content shown this week includes the movie All I want for Christmas From 2008, Bing Crosby And Fred Astaire music Holiday InnAnd more.

  • This is Christmas Available now on Al Hurra Channel 65 Everywhere but Manchester, etc Channel 76 In Manchester.

Sky Mix

The other major change that happened this week is Convert Sky Pick to Sky Mix On Freeview (also On Freesat and Sky).

While the channel is a rebrand of the existing Sky Pick channel, Sky Mix aims to provide a richer mix of content, showcasing themed nightly schedules that delve into a variety of genres from drama to true crime.

Sky Mix on Freesat

It will include Sky originals that will debut on Freeview’s first season in 2023 Cobra, Rob and Romesh Vs, Discovery of witchesAnd A League of Their Own: Road Trip.

As well as TV programmes, Sky Mix will be the only place to find Sky Original films on Freeview.

Sky Pick has been on channel 36 until now – but with the new name, it moves to channel 11 – replacing Sky Arts.

  • Sky Mix Available now on Al Hurra Channel 11

Change Freeview channels

Following the changes to That’s Christmas and Sky Mix, several channels have been changed:

This is the 70s Become This is the 60son Free View Channel 71.

This is the eighties Become This is the 90son Free View Channel 75.

This is the 1970s in Manchester Become This is the 60s in Manchesteron Free View Channel 77.

Furthermore, with Sky Pick becoming Sky Mix, it will swap places with Sky Arts:

Heaven Arts Moves from Freeview channel 11 to Al Hurra Channel 36.

Sky Mix Moves from Freeview channel 36 to Al Hurra Channel 11.

Finally, 8 local TV stations have been renamed to be part of the TalkTV network:

  • Birmingham TV becomes TalkBirmingham, local channel number: 7
  • Bristol TV becomes TalkBristol, local channel number: 7
  • Cardiff TV becomes TalkCardiff, local channel number: 8
  • TV Leeds becomes TalkLeeds, local channel number: 7
  • Liverpool TV becomes TalkLiverpool, local channel number: 7
  • North Wales Television becomes TalkNorthWales, local channel number: 8
  • Teesside TV becomes TalkTeesside, local channel number: 7
  • Tyne & Wear TV becomes TalkTyne&Wear, local channel number: 7

Reset your Freeview device

When changes are made to Freeview, some people need to reset their Freeview devices – otherwise the channel numbers and names will not be correct, and new channels will not appear.

Free channel scanning

Some devices reset automatically, but others may require a manual reset for this week’s changes to update correctly.

You can find more information on how to reset your device at Help section for resetting Freeview.

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