Fury V Ngannou On TNT Sports: Some Fans Still Left Out

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In the next exciting match between Tyson Fury And Francis Ngannou Scheduled on October 28The world of combat sports is set to witness a unique spectacle.

The fight, which takes place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is available exclusively on TNT Sports Box Office (formerly BT Sport Box Office), where existing TNT Sports subscribers will have to pay extra to watch the event.

However, despite the great anticipation, not all boxing fans will have the same ease of access to this clash of titans.

Yes, even three months after TNT Sports was replaced by BT Sport, with its streaming platform moving to Discovery+, live subscribers – that is, those without a Sky, BT TV or Virgin Media subscription – will have difficulty watching Fury VS Ngannou on their big channels. -TV screens.

Read on to learn about all the ways to watch — and some possible solutions.

Collision of giants

In a rare sighting, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is set to trade blows with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in the boxing ring.

Boxer Tyson Fury -
Tyson Fury (Photo: Deposit Photo)

This crossover event marks Ngannou’s boxing debut as he moves from the octagon to the squared circle, a move that has been praised and scrutinized in various circles.

The evening promises more than the main event. The all-featuring heavyweight undercard Fabio Wardley vs David Adeleboth undefeated British fighters, vying for the British heavyweight title, adds to the appeal of the night.

And also the former world heavyweight champion in the World Boxing Organization, Joseph Parkeris scheduled to face Canada Simon Keaneoffering a complete package for passionate fighting fans.

The undercard will be shown live on TNT Sports Box Office from 6 pm (UK time) with the first hour available for anyone to watch.

Watch boxing on TV

This will be followed by the opening ceremony of the fourth edition of the Riyadh season, which will witness a number of live performances, before the main boxing event of the evening.

The fight will be presented by laura woods, side by side Carl Frampton And Dan Hardy.

What is the TNT sports box office?

Last July, the UK sports broadcasting landscape underwent a major transformation. When TNT Sports replaced BT Sport.

BT Sport has been a major player in the UK sports broadcasting scene since its launch in 2013. It boasted an impressive range of sports rights, including Premier Leagueand Champions League and Europa League matches, among other sporting events.

However, the emergence of TNT Sports marked the end of an era for BT Sport and the beginning of a new chapter.

TNT Sports announcers on TV

This was a change The result of the merger Between BT Sport and Warner Bros. Discovery / Eurosport, with the aim of strengthening the television and live streaming rights under the Discovery+ umbrella, and the Discovery+ application.

So, you can now get TNT Sports either on pay TV platforms like Sky and Virgin Media, or via live streaming on the Discovery+ app.

newly, The BT Sport mobile app has also closedwith users being directed either to the new TNT Sports app or to Discovery+.

Similar to BT Sport becoming TNT Sports – BT Sport Box Office, the platform for pay-per-view sports events – has been renamed TNT Sports Box Office.

How to watch Fury vs. Ngannou

There are different ways to watch TNT Sports Box Office – all identical to the way BT Sport Box Office used to work.

It is important to note that those who wish to watch the event You don’t need to be a TNT Sports subscriber – Actually, it doesn’t even matter if it is – the price is still a one-time fee £21.95 For everyone.

TNT Sports Box Office application for Android
TNT Sports Box Office mobile app

But how you watch depends on whether you are a pay TV subscriber or not. If so, things are easy:

Virgin Media TV customers: If you have a TiVo and/or V6 set-top box, go to the On Demand section and choose Live events. For those who have Virgin TV360 and/or Virgin Media Stream Fundgo to the pay-per-view event track.

BT TV customers: Go to channel 494 and push using the remote control.

BT Lifestyle TV

Sky customers: You can buy TNT Sports Box Office on channel 490 via remote control or through Sky website.

However, the warning is for TNT Sports independent/streaming subscribers. Despite the hype, they are left out in the cold unless they have a Google Chromecast or Apple Airplay to view the fight on their TV screens.

This limitation is not new – TNT Sports subscribers have faced a similar situation for a while Usyk vs. Dubois fighta precedent that highlighted the inadequacy of TNT Sports’ service to standalone subscribers – something inherited from the late BT Sport.

It is frustrating that a live subscriber has to search for additional devices to enjoy what should be a live viewing experience on the big screen.

Although TNT Sports Box Office offers an online platform and a dedicated mobile streaming app, these options come with their own set of challenges.

How to watch via the app/website

Website (via browser): Viewers can visit TNT Sports Box Office websiteFollow the instructions to subscribe and watch the fight online.

TNT Sports Box Office application: The app is another option for those who prefer mobile viewing. After downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, users can purchase the event and stream it live on their mobile devices (phones and tablets).

The service allows flexible payment methods, including adding the cost to your mobile phone bill if you’re an EE, Three, Vodafone or O2 customer.

Want to pay and watch Fury V Ngannou on your TV without a pay TV subscription? Your options are very limited, and surprisingly, they don’t include the Discovery+ app.

You have to pay to watch the fight on your mobile/tablet – and then use either a Google Chromecast or Apple Airplay streaming device to stream the fight from your phone – to your TV.

It’s still possible that a dedicated TNT Sports Box Office pay-per-view section will be added to the Discovery+ app in the future (where the subscription-based TNT Sports platform now resides) — but for now, there’s no such option.

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