10 Legal IPTV Providers for Watching Live TV Online (2023)

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Legal IPTV service providers

This guide covers Best Legal IPTV Providers To watch live TV on your favorite devices.

Popular legal IPTV providers include YouTube TV, Vidgo, Pluto TV, fuboTV, Philo, XUMO, Plex, and many others on this list.

Similar to our list of The best IPTV services, This guide will be constantly updated with legal live TV providers of entertainment, news, movies on demand, sports and more.

All live TV providers work on any popular streaming device such as Amazon FirestickFire TV, Android TV boxes, Roku, Chromecast with Google TV, PCs, tablets, phones, and more.

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Live TV providers will not only offer hundreds of live channels, but many of them as well Local channelsAnd on-demand movies and TV series too.

Is IPTV legal?

IPTV itself is legal. Live TV over the Internet has been around for the past several years, and there are plenty of legal and legitimate services available.

However, some IPTV services are illegal and some are legal. It is very difficult for us at IPTV Wire to determine if an IPTV service holds the appropriate license to broadcast its channels.

Legal iptv

If a trusted app store like Amazon, Apple or Google Play includes IPTV service in their app store, you can be sure that it is legal.

Given the resources available to these large companies, they can simply determine whether or not an IPTV service holds the appropriate license.

Since it is impossible for us to determine whether an IPTV service is legal or not, we take the following approach at IPTV Wire:

The legality of IPTV is explained further in our popular guide below.

Best VPN for IPTV and Legitimacy

Legal Disclaimer: IPTV WIRE does not own or operate any IPTV service or streaming application. We do not host or distribute any applications. We do not check whether IPTV services or app developers hold the appropriate license. The end user is solely responsible for media accessed through any device, application, add-on or service mentioned on our site.

For a 100% legal IPTV service, we recommend IPTV WIRE Vidjo.

See below for the best legal live TV providers vetted by reputable app stores.

Legal IPTV service providers

Legal live TV providers are ranked below based on the following criteria:

  • price
  • Channels
  • Free trial
  • user interface
  • Free vs Paid
  • Overall popularity

1. Vidjo (paid)

Vidgo tops our list of the best legal live TV providers for several reasons.

This live TV service offers more than 95 live channels and major sports shows that users can watch from anywhere in the world.

This includes access to NFL Redzone, ESPN, BeIN Sports, ABC, FOX Sports, TLC, Discovery, and much more!

Since Vidgo offers ESPN, that also means you can Watch UFC on Firestick By using this service.

Watch our full review of Vidgo by visiting the link below.

Vidgo review

Vidgo – Google Play Store

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Legal iptv providers pluto tv

2. Pluto TV (free)

Pluto TV has become the most popular free and legal live TV provider used by millions of cord cutters.

This platform offers hundreds of live channels as well as thousands of TV series, on-demand movies, and more for free.

See our Pluto TV guide below for more information.

How to install Pluto TV APK

Pluto TV – Google Play Store

Best legal iptv service providers fubotv

3. com. fuboTV (paid)

fuboTV is the most popular legal live pay TV provider among sports fans and sports fans around the world.

The IPTV provider offers three different most popular plans for $64.99 per month for over 115 channels and a DVR.

The best part is that fuboTV offers a 7-day free trial For new users! This means that you can try out the service without any hassle.

Fubo TV Review

fuboTV – Google Play Store

Legal iptv providers xumo

4. XUMO (free)

XUMO is an all-in-one media platform that streams hundreds of free live channels with just one click.

XUMO TV also provides thousands of titles for free movies, TV series, documentaries and more.

Check out our guide below for more information about XUMO and how to install the app.

How to install XUMO APK

Shomo – Google Play Store

Legal IPTV providers Philo

5. Filo (paid)

Philo is a great option for those who enjoy entertainment and news channels, making it a must-have on your list of live TV providers.

This service costs $20.00 per month for 60+ channels and unlimited DVR space.

Just like fuboTV, Philo also offers 7-day free trial For new users! This is a must-have feature when choosing a live TV streaming service.

Velo – Google Play Store

Legal iptv service provider

6. Plex (free)

Not many people know that Plex Media Server offers free live TV! In mid-2020, it was announced that Plex would add live TV with over 80 channels.

The best part is that you don’t even need an account to watch these live channels. This also includes free on-demand movies and TV series.

Check out our full Plex guide below to learn how to watch free live TV on this media server.

How to watch live TV from Plex

Plex – Google Play Store

YouTube Legal IPTV

7. YouTube TV (paid)

YouTube TV is a well-known legal live TV provider that offers live and on-demand content.

This live TV provider costs $64.99 per month for 85+ channels and unlimited DVR.

YouTube TV is a decent option for cord cutters looking to ditch cables but it comes at a higher price compared to others on this list.

YouTube TV – Google Play Store

Airy tv legal iptv

8. Airy TV (free)

Airy TV is a well-known free live TV app that offers more than 100 channels in different categories.

In addition to their website, you can install the Airy TV app on any streaming device.

Check out our Airy TV review for more information on the free live TV option and how to install the app.

How to install erie tv

Airy TV – Google Play Store

Legal iptv ropes

9. sling (paid)

Sling is another legal live TV provider that can be a solid option for ditching expensive cable packages. They also offer a free trial for new users.

The IPTV provider offers two different plans titled “Sling Orange” and “Sling Blue” that cost $35 per month for 30+ channels and a limited DVR.

The ‘Sling Blue’ plan offers channels in the news and entertainment category, while the ‘Sling Orange’ offers sports and family channels.

Habal – Google Play Store

10. TV distribution (free)

DistroTV is a new legal live TV provider that offers hundreds of free channels.

This streaming platform is also available as an app for Firestick, Android, Roku, iOS, Chromecast, and other notable devices.

We’ve put together an article on DistroTV below with more information and how to install the app.

How to install DistroTV

DistroTV – Google Play Store


11. Hulu live tv (paid)

Best known for its VOD service that competes with Netflix, Hulu also has a live TV streaming service that has been around for several years.

This legal live TV service costs $64.99 per month for 65+ channels and 50 hours of limited DVR storage.

Hulu – Google Play Store

More legal live TV options

For more free live TV options, check out these options below.


Tubi TV

How to install Tubi TV APK

Tubi – Google Play Store

Overall, these are the best legal IPTV providers for watching live TV on any streaming device. Refer to the video below for more details.

Frequently asked questions about legal IPTV service providers

What are the best legal IPTV providers?

The best legal IPTV providers are YouTube TV, Vidgo, Pluto TV, fuboTV, Airy TV, Philo, XUMO, Plex, and many other services on this list.

Is IPTV legal?

It is impossible to determine whether an IPTV service holds the appropriate license for the content it is broadcasting. IPTV Wire cannot verify whether services/apps have the appropriate license and recommends watching media in the public domain only.

What does IPTV mean?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.

Do all IPTV providers need an account?

All paid IPTV services require an account, but many free IPTV apps that do not require an account to use include Pluto TV, Airy TV, XUMO and others in this guide.

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