Crunchyroll Becomes An Amazon UK Prime Video Channel

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In a move aimed at significantly expanding the anime streaming scene in the United Kingdom, Crunchyrolla name synonymous with anime, has signed a global distribution deal with Amazon’s Prime Video.

The collaboration, announced this week, allows Prime members in the UK, US, Canada and Sweden to stream Crunchyroll’s extensive library through Prime Video channels.

This partnership promises to usher in a new era of anime streaming by integrating Crunchyroll’s shows within the robust Prime Video ecosystem, making it easier for UK fans to delve into the vast world of anime.

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is a leading platform dedicated to bringing anime and manga to fans around the world.

Crunchyroll home screen

With a rich history dating back to 2006, it has steadily developed into a hub where anime fans can explore a wide range of titles spanning many genres.

The platform offers one of the largest collections of licensed anime translated into multiple languages, making it a favorite destination for fans around the world.

Some of the notable titles available on Crunchyroll include premium series such as naruto shippuden attack on titan, Ghost in the Shell And one piece (Which recently got a live-action version on Netflix).

Naruto Shippuden Crunchyroll Prime Video

Whether you’re into action, adventure, fantasy, or romance, Crunchyroll’s extensive library ensures there’s something for every anime fan.

Hits like Jujutsu Kaisen And Re: Zero – starting life in another world You can also find a home on Crunchyroll, keeping fans up to date with the latest trends in the world of anime.

Furthermore, Crunchyroll offers simulcasting, where the best series are available immediately after they air in Japan. This allows fans to stay up to date with their favorite series without the usual wait associated with international releases.

Crunchyroll is coming to Prime Video

Crunchyroll, known as the ultimate home for anime fans globally, is now expanding its reach with Prime Video channels.

The new route offers two levels of Crunchyroll membership – tThe Fan tier costs £4.99 per monthAnd The Mega Fan tier is £5.99 per month.

Both memberships offer ad-free streaming and full access to the entire Crunchyroll library. However, Mega Fan subscribers also enjoy offline viewing (the ability to download content), with more non-video features being added soon.

Crunchyroll on Prime Video

The price is identical to what you’ll get on Crunchyroll’s website and app.

However, unlike standalone Crunchyroll which offers free content with ads, the Prime Video version operates strictly on a subscription-only basis and is ad-free.

This may appeal to viewers who prefer an uninterrupted viewing experience, though it may deter those accustomed to Crunchyroll’s free, ad-supported model.

With the integration of Prime Video, British anime fans can now enjoy a massive library of 24,000 hours and 46,000 episodes, covering over 1,300 series and films, shortly after its release in Japan.

In the US, a free 24/7 Crunchyroll linear channel (with ads) has also been added to Amazon’s free streaming service – Freeveewith a curated catalog of fan-favorite anime content.

However, I haven’t watched that channel on the UK version of Freevee, at least as of this writing. I’ve reached out to Amazon to inquire if the channel is coming to our side of the pond – and I’ll update this article when they respond.

What are Amazon’s Prime Video channels?

For those who may be new to this concept, Prime Video Channels (See the full collection) It is an add-on that allows Amazon Prime members to add additional paid streaming services to their Prime Video account.

This means you can consolidate your streaming subscriptions into one place (and one bill), making it easier to manage and navigate your favorite content.

View Prime Video channels 2023
Prime Video Channels

The service operates on an a la carte model, allowing users to pick and choose the premium channels they want without being locked into a long-term contract.

Channels range from well-known brands such as Paramount+ and Lionsgate+ for more specialized offerings. until TNT Sports was recently added As a Prime Video channel, as part of a Discovery+ Premium subscription.

Once you subscribe, you can access these channels directly through the Prime Video app on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles.

One of the main advantages of Prime Video channels is the flexibility they offer. You can cancel any channel subscription at any time, giving you the freedom to customize your streaming experience according to your preferences and needs.

One important aspect to note, is that you have to have an Amazon Prime subscription first (or Prime Video), and then you can add channels on top of that – which means that these channels are not available to everyone (but you can get Free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime).

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