WatchWrestling AI Streaming Website Shut Down by ACE

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The WatchWrestling AI live streaming site has been shut down by ACE

The popular WatchWrestling AI streaming site has been shut down by ACE with the help of DAZN and others.

The online combat sports scene recently saw a major takedown: the shutdown of piracy platform

The process was led by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), in collaboration with the streaming network DAZN.

This takedown speaks volumes about ongoing efforts to curb digital piracy.

Watch Wrestling AI Turn Off

The closure of is not just another closure in the vast landscape of online piracy.

According to statistics shared by ACE, the group of wrestling-related sites received a staggering 253 million visits last year alone.

Watch Wrestling AI Turn Off

This site has served as a hotspot for fans of high-profile wrestling events, hosting content from major promotions such as WWE, AEW, Impact, ROH, and NJPW.

Wrestling is extremely popular, especially since most of the visits come from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Canada.

Collaboration between ACE and DAZN

The partnership between ACE and DAZN in this takedown was not just a coincidence.

The popular WatchWrestling AI streaming site has been shut down by ACE with the help of DAZN and others.

DAZN, a prominent member of ACE, not only has a special interest in broadcasting these combat sports, but also provides a treasure trove of specialized knowledge, especially regarding Impact promotion.


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Ed McCarthy, DAZN’s chief operating officer, expressed the company’s need to protect its intellectual property.

“DAZN has invested significant amounts of money in building a successful business around combat sports,” he said.

He added that their investments in mixed martial arts and boxing and providing high-level content and service to fans necessitated this enforcement.

It is clear that to maintain their investment and commitment to providing high-quality content, platforms like DAZN must effectively protect against piracy.

In this context, the work done by ACE, especially through the Joint Sports Piracy Task Force initiative, becomes invaluable.

A deeper look into WatchWrestling’s operations, while a priority target, is just one piece of a larger puzzle.

Watch Wrestling AI

With an estimated 9 million visits per month over the past year, that comes to approximately 108 million visits per year. This leaves a whopping 145 million visits unaccounted for.

Other domains, such as and, also contributed traffic, but the accounts don’t quite fill the gap.

While records around 3.5 million visits annually, records around five million visits annually.

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However, mystery remains. Where were the remaining 140 million visits made?

Although ACE does an amazing job, there are sometimes gaps in the data provided for various operational reasons.

Investigations have uncovered a domain linked to India’s redirection to ACE and several clones and variants of WatchWrestling, all of which likely contribute to the traffic.

The exact details may be elusive, but it is clear that the tentacles of hacking extend wide and deep.

The bigger picture and the road ahead

The removal of is more than just a shutdown; It is a testament to the uphill battle against digital piracy.

The huge number of visits to these piracy sites highlights the challenge faced by organizations like ACE.

For more information on this story, see the report from torrentfreak.

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