How to Install Doomzday Wizard Kodi Builds on Any Device

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This article shows how to install Doomzday Kodi builds. Furthermore, it covers what is Doomzday Wizard, is building Doomzday safe and legal, and how to use the build, to name a few. This guide is a comprehensive reference for Kodi-enabled systems, such as FireStick, New FireStick 4K, New FireStick 4K Max, Linux PCs, Macs, Android tablets/smartphones, Amazon Fire TVs, and more.

Install doomzday kodi buildWhat is a Doomzday Wizard?

Doomzday Wizard is available on Doomzday Repo, a plugin that allows you to install multiple versions of Doomzday. In Doomzday Wizard, you will find versions like Beer Time, Kodeine, calmThe Small Build, Nova TV, Sports 101 and more.

The wizard also features Kodi features created from many other developers. Doomzday Wizard provides frequent updates to its builds and removes those that no longer work.

Overall, Doomzday Wizard is a promising addon with quite a few features Great builds for all types of Kodi devices.


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Does Doomzday Kodi build securely?

Doomzday Wizard is among the reputable software Kodi add-ons. But since it’s created by a third party, no person, forum or website can guarantee that it contains Kodi builds that are safe to use.

In fact, we are not suggesting that Doomzday builds are dangerous to your device. But we simply cannot comment on it. We are just Kodi/FireStick experts, not security professionals.

However, for safety, I checked the Doomzday Repo zip file before installing the build. VirusTotal happily passed it – here’s the proof:

Does Doomzday Kodi builds securely?

Are Doomzday Kodi builds legal?

There are many versions available in Doomzday Wizard. All of them are packed with many third-party add-ons. Unfortunately, at, we can’t test the legitimacy of a single addon, let alone multiple Doomzday builds with X number of third-party Kodi addons.

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Doomzday Kodi Builds Features

Here are some of the best features of Doomzday Kodi builds:

  • A range of different building types.
  • Full of updated, new and functional Kodi add-ons
  • Content – complete sections
  • User-friendly interfaces

How to install Doomzday Kodi builds?

To install Doomzday Kodi builds, you will have to follow the steps that I have divided into four parts. Note that all parts are necessary to achieve the final goal. So, don’t miss anything, and let’s get started now!

Part 1: Allow unknown sources

This part covers how to enable unknown sources on Kodi:

1. tap on Settings gear Icon in the upper left side of your screen below the Kodi logo.

How to Install Doomzday Kodi Builds

2. On the Settings screen, choose System.

Choose the system

3. Scroll down to Extras Unpaid invoice.

Select the Add-ons tab

4. Run Unknown sources option in the right pane.

Enable unknown sources

5. Click Yes To make sure you are aware of the consequences of allowing unknown sources on your Kodi app.

NB: Do not press No as it will toggle the Unknown Sources option to the default position – off.

Click Yes to confirm

Part 2: Adding Doomzday Repo

Here’s how to install Doomzday Repo on your Kodi app:

1. Click on Toothed gear Icon at the top left of the screen below the Kodi logo.

Kodi settings

2. Discover the files manager The folder located at the top left side of your screen.

Kodi file manager

3. You will see two Add the source Options, one on your left and one on your right. Choose anyone you want.

Add the source

4. He chooses <لا شيء> Under Title enter those tracks or browse media locations.

the chosen

5. Enters And click Yes To save the URL.

NB: The above URL is the official website of Doomzday Repo and I have mentioned it only for educational purposes. is in no way affiliated with repo creators or third party repos or add-ons.

Enter the repo link

6. Perform a final check of the entered information and click OK to save.

NB: Doomzday will be the default name for the repo. You can change it by selecting it, re-entering a new name and clicking on it Yes. However, I recommend sticking with the same name as the repo because it’s easier to remember.

doomzday kodi build

7. Return to Kodi’s settings page and browse Extras to divide.

Add-ons section

8. While we are installing Doomzday Repo zip, select Installation from zip file.

Select Install from zip file

9. Kodi will tell you that third-party add-ons won’t get automatic updates, so choose Yes To complete.

NB: Selecting “No” will not open the window required to access and install the Doomzday Repo zip file.

Choose Yes to continue

10. He chooses Doomsday From the list. Or the repo name you set.

Specify the name of the repo

11. He chooses repository.doomzday.xxxzip.

NB: At the moment of the demo, the version number of Doomzday Repo is 1.1.0, but it can change when you install it.

Select the warehouse

12. Upon success, you will see a Kodi notification – The Doomzday Repo add-on has been updated.


Hello! We can now easily access the Doomzday Wizard from the Doomzday Repo.

Part 3: Install Doomzday Wizard

The following instructions explain how to install Doomzday Wizard:

1. On the same screen, scroll up and open the file Install from repository fileas we now have access to the Doomzday Repo.

Install from repository

2. From the available repositories, select Monday Repo By DD Team.


3. He chooses Program add-onssince Doomzday Wizard is a program.

Program add-ons

4. Click Doomsday wizard.


5. In the Doozmday Wizard dashboard, click Steady Button at the bottom right.

Install doomzday-gui

6. Allow Kodi to extract the required files from the Doomzday Repo to install the Doomzday Wizard.


7. Once installed, notice, The Doomzday Gui wizard add-on is installed.


Installing Doomzday Wizard brings us one step closer to installing the Doomzday Kodi build.

Part 4: Install Doomzday Edition

These are the glory steps to install Doomzday Kodi build:

1. The Doomzday Wizard window will appear to inform you of the latest developments. He chooses to reject To close it.

Choose Reject

2. Return to the Kodi home screen and open the Extras Unpaid invoice.


3. You will see the Doomzday GUI wizard control panel. He chooses Builds.


4. In the Build menu, select How’s your day?.


5. The Doomzday Wizard will ask you if you want to download and install your chosen version, click Yes, install To complete.


6. Allow the clock to run while Kodi downloads the build files.


7. Click Yes To save the changes and force close the Kodi app.

Close to Cody

This is how you can easily install any version available on Doomzday Wizard.

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Doomzday Kodi Build Overview

Here’s a breakdown of which version of Doomzday Wizard I have installed.

Doomzday Wizard welcomes its users to Scrapers/AIO to divide.

Doomsday-build a house

Opening SCRAPERS/AIO will redirect you to a new screen where you can access sections like Shazam, Movies, TV Shows, and more.


Besides SCRAPERS/AIO, there is a tray containing all-in-one add-ons like Asgard, TWISTED, Magic Dragon, Ghost, and more. Select an extension to open – I choose Asgard.

Eoscrapers tray

You will be taken to the annex home of your choice. I see all Asgard sections, such as Asgard Movie Scrapers, Asgard TV Scrapers, Asgard Kids section, Asgard Apps section, and more.


Next, we have TV show.

Doomzday TV Shows

By default, opening TV Shows takes you to the TV Shows section of the Asgard Kodi addon.

NB: You can select add-ons from the bottom drawer of the Free TV Shows section to explore different TV Shows sections.


To stream live TV channels, open Live TV broadcast.



Today you learned how to install Doomzday Kodi builds. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment box below. Or you can suggest anything related to Kodi or FireStick that you would like us to cover next.


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