Goodbye, ‘CBS Reality’: Freeview’s Channel Revamp

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Attention, Freeview and Freesat viewers: Another change is coming to AMC Networks channels in the UK, the ones formerly known as CBS channels.

The move is scheduled to be launched November 22intended to streamline the brand’s diverse offerings and appeal to a wider audience – and with it, the CBS brand would subsequently disappear from the UK television landscape.

Among the major shifts, the CBS Reality Channel will be renamed True Crime, and a new streaming app called “Watch Free UK” will replace the CBS Catchup Channels app.

CBS channels, which are currently operated in the UK by AMC Networks International and Paramount, are available on Freeview, Freesat, YouView, Sky and Virgin Media.

The new CBS Catchup app
Current CBS Catchup app

The company also runs an ad-supported streaming channel, which is available on several streaming platforms in the UK – and that’s also set to change (see the full list of changes below).

CBS channels are changing… again

Just a year ago, free CBS channels were already on the rise She went through a big changewhere three CBS channels saw name and programming changes.

The Horror Channel moved to Legend, expanding its scope to include sci-fi, thriller, fantasy, and action alongside classic horror.

CBS Justice has closed, with some of its crime and courtroom dramas moving to Legend. CBS Drama has transitioned to RealityXtra, expanding the CBS Reality brand to offer a mix of legal dramas and true crime programming.

CBS Channels – Before 2022 Changes

A new channel, HorrorXtra, has emerged to fill the void in the horror genre left by the original Horror Channel’s transformation into Legend. Meanwhile, CBS Reality remained unchanged during that phase.

But next month – we’ll get more changes.

Goodbye, CBS reality

Central to the upcoming rebrand is the rebranding of CBS Reality to Real crimereflecting its basic content of realistic crime novels.

True Crime Channel

Currently, CBS Reality is available on Freeview channel 67, Freesat channel 135, Sky Channel 146 and Virgin Media channel 148.

Current programming highlights on the upcoming True Crime Channel include original content such as Evidence of evil, Murder by sea, The killers: caught on camera, Donal McIntyre’s Deadly Evidence, The truth about my murder and exclusive third party content including Medical investigations.

As well as the entertainment channel legend (Freeview channel 41) is also set to rebrand, but will retain its current name.

Legend Channel 2023 logo

Upcoming content on Legend Channel includes series such as The six million dollar man, walker Texas Ranger, Action movies like Difficult goal, Barbed wire And excitement sport shoes side by side Jet driver And The angel and the bad guy championship John Waynefrom the West Collection.

Other channels in the portfolio include rebranding Extra legend (Which will be the new name for Extra horror), And TRUE CRIME XTRA (which will be the new name for Reality Xtra), time shifting versions, Extra Legend +1 And True crime +1.

On-demand content from the True Crime and Legend channels, previously available on CBS Catch Up Channels UK, will now be included within a new streaming app called Watch Free UK.

Rebranded streaming app: Watch the UK for free

CBS Catchup app launches in 2022allowing viewers to stream content from CBS Reality, Legend, and other free-to-air channels.

It was initially available on Freeview Play and other platforms, then expanded to iOS and Amazon’s Fire TV, among others. The app offered a mix of genres from thrillers on Legend to true crime documentaries on CBS Reality.

Watch UK for free

By November 2023, the application will be moved to Watch UK for freewhich contains the same on-demand content from the rebranded True Crime and Legend channels.

True crime changes to true crime in the UK

Confused yet? Wait, more name changes are coming.

In addition to the free channels and streaming app, AMC also runs an ad-supported channel called True Crime on various platforms.

In November, the channel will change its name from “True Crime from CBS Reality” to “True Crime from CBS Reality.” True crime in the UK.

True crime in the UK

On ITVX, ITV’s streaming app, True Crime UK will feature a curated on-demand selection, featuring over 250 hours of engaging content.

Additionally, the free, ad-supported (FAST) channel will be accessible through various platforms including Amazon Freevee, Rakuten TV and Samsung TV+ services, with plans to expand its reach to more major platforms in the near future.

Sam Rudin“With such a wide range of content available across so many platforms, we wanted to elevate our UK portfolio so that it is easily recognizable and accessible, and clearly reflects our content offering,” said the Vice President of AMC Networks International.

“This rebrand aligns closely with our goal of delivering carefully curated services that meet the needs of existing and new audiences,2 wherever they choose to watch our programming.”

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