Best FileLinked Alternatives for FireStick & Android TV

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This article showcases the best FileLinked alternatives that you can install on your Android device. This includes FireStick, Nvidia Shield, Android smartphones, Android TV, etc.

Best alternatives associated with files

What is an associated file?

FileLinked has been an excellent app for downloading APK files for Android devices. This app allows users to create their own personal mini app stores by uploading APK files and then sharing them with others using unique codes.

With FileLinked, you don’t need to enter URLs to download your favorite apps. Instead, just search through community-created convenience store icons and install your favorite apps with one click.

Unfortunately, FileLinked has been offline for some time. Globally, people cannot create and access FileLinked tokens. Moreover, there is no solid reason why FileLinked should be shut down.

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List of Best FileLinked Alternatives

Since FileLinked doesn’t work, there are a bunch of alternatives you can use. So, here is a list of the best FileLinked alternatives:

Disclaimer: The FileLinked alternatives listed below were created by independent, third-party developers. plays no role in the development of these applications, nor is it affiliated with their developers.

1. Download

filelinked not working on firestick

Created by AFTVnews, Downloader is an app specifically designed for streaming devices to download and install APK files. FireStick, Android TV, Nvidia Shield, you name it, all streaming devices are compatible with Downloader. However, even though the app works on Android smartphones, you will face routing issues.

The downloader allows you to download the APK file in two ways – entering the URL and accessing the app using the code. You can enter a website link and browse it using the built-in web plugin to download a file. Or you can enter the downloader code for the file source directly. But note that downloader codes are mainly designed for a single APK file.

With Downloader, you can keep downloaded, installed and deleted files. Moreover, the built-in browser supports remote controls and game controllers.

Downloader is one of the best FileLinked alternatives with many functions.

How to Download Apps on FireStick Using Downloader

2. Aurora Store

It is a file related to the work

Aurora Store is a spin-off of the Yalp Store, but offers a sleeker, easier-to-use, and more dynamic style. With Aurora Store, you can install almost any APK available on the Google Play Store without creating an account.

Aurora Store is identical to Google Play Store. This app allows you to check app screenshots, descriptions, user reviews, updates, and almost anything. The application is also installed on your device with one click.

With its excellent app management tool, Aurora Store lets you update installed apps, block updates, automatically delete the APK file once the app is installed, and more.

Manage and install Google Play apps on your streaming device elegantly and intuitively with the free Aurora Store.

How to install Aurora Store on FireStick

3. File synchronization

Linked file icons are not working

FileSynced follows the steps of FileLinked. Additionally, this platform allows for easy file sharing via streaming devices like FireStick, Nvidia Shield, Android TV, and more.

Without using URLs, FileSynced gives you access to many applications. the key? Shortcodes! Simply enter a valid shortcode, and FileSynced will open a small app store that you can use to install apps with one click. It is worth noting that FileSynced primarily provides unique 8-digit codes.

There are hundreds of small FileSynced stores available. You can even create your own store for free! Simply register, upload the APK files, and follow the on-screen instructions to get the shortcode for your FileSynced store.

FileSynced is one of the best FileLinked alternatives to easily and seamlessly install apps on streaming devices.

How to install FileSynced on FireStick

4. Unattached

Replace the associated file

UnLinked is a top-notch FileLinked alternative with a lot of features.

With UnLinked, you can create your personal library of apps, videos, and photos. Then share it with the world using accessible icons.

UnLinked is designed specifically for streaming devices, and maintains Google’s Android TV design guidelines. The app is also easy to use remotely with amazing features like voice search, sorting, removing and saving libraries, and automatic updates.

With UnLinked, you can set up a custom library Symbols. You can also set a password to protect it. With a unified dashboard, you can create, edit, manage, and delete libraries from one easy-to-use area.

Unlinked is not just a beautiful and elegant app, but it is simple, smooth, and packed with features. Install it today to experience its greatness.

How to install Unlinked on FireStick

5. Aptoide TV

Best alternatives associated with files

Also known as the Google Play Store for streaming devices, Aptoide TV is your standalone app store. With Aptoide TV, you can install over 2,500 apps and games for free – no fees.

Aptoide TV delivers a rich, unique app store experience optimized for FireStick, Nvidia Shield, Android TV, Android Boxes, and more. Additionally, there are no specific restrictions on the app, which means you can install any app.

Aptoide TV is divided into sections such as Discover, Categories, My Apps, Community, and Settings. You can update apps installed on your device, discover and install new apps, and more, all under one hood.

Overall, Aptoide TV is one of the best FileLinked alternatives to have.

How to install Aptoide on FireStick

6. Appvn

The variant associated with the file

Appvn is one of the best sites to download your favorite APK files. Games, utilities, social media apps, whatever you want, Appvn lets you download it all.

Appvn has a set of standalone and easy-to-install app management tools for Android. You can download its official app on your device and easily access an unlimited number of apps.

Appvn is a mobile content social network. From top trending games like Minecraft to basic apps like YouTube, you can get it all from Appvn.

Unlike FileLinked, Appvn is not a code-based store. Instead, all apps are listed just like the Android App Store. You can view their information, install them, read customer reviews, and more.

Install Appvn now on your Android device to install your favorite games, apps, and more for free.

How to install AppVN on FireStick

7. APKBuilds

Associated file alternatives

ApkBuilds is an excellent all-in-one web store that lets you download all types of APK files.

You can access ApkBuilds using your device’s web browser. Then, feel free to discover and download APKs of third-party streaming services, official apps, modded APKs, and more. gets frequent updates for all apps, especially third party apps. Inside the apps articles there is a red DOWNLOAD APK NOW button which starts the download within 1 second.

Also, the app articles on contain a complete guide on installation, usage, and everything in between.

So, if you are comfortable with browsing the APK store on the web, is one of the best alternatives to FileLinked.

How to use APKBuilds on FireStick

8. APK App Store

What happened to the filelinked

APKPure is one of the largest and most popular APK hosting on the web. And imagine what? They have a separate app that allows users to download, install, update and manage APK files – APKPure App Store.

With APK Store, you can install XAPK/APK files on Android devices with one click. You can also access geo-blocked games and apps safely. What’s more, you get free access to exclusive in-game events and gift packs for hot games.

All apps on the APK are safe for your Android device. This is because before apps can be loaded onto the APK, they must pass a signature verification check.

The APK App Store’s excellent file management tool lets you pause and resume downloads seamlessly. Therefore, even under different networks, the progress of downloads is not affected.

9. APKTime

Best alternative to file linking

APKTime is another popular alternative and one of the best FileLinked alternatives. This service is available as an app store and website, but I recommend browsing its web to explore updated content.

Using a browser on your streaming device such as FireStick, you can access There you will find many third-party apps to stream movies, TV shows, live sports, TV channels, and more.

Access the application directory for Kodi, for example. Then scroll down and click on the black official website button. APKTime will take you to the official website of the app. Then, you can learn more about it and download its APK file.

APKTime is similar to the other best FileLinked alternatives in this article – it doesn’t host/own any content.

How to install APKTime on FireStick

Final words

This article has shown you the best FileLinked alternatives to install on FireStick, Android TV, etc. Which alternative do you like the most? Tell me in the comments section.


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