Sky Slashes Glass And Stream Prices For Black Friday 2023

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We’re still a few weeks away from Black Friday, but Sky is already celebrating – with several tempting offers and packages for its standalone streaming devices – Sky Glass Television, and Skystream Imp, along with many broadband offers.

With Glass, we’re seeing deep discounts on content bundles that can include Netflix, cinema and sports (although you don’t get a discount on the TV itself), and with Stream, Sky is bringing back its lowest price ever, along with some additional discounts.

So, for example, you can get offline Sky Glass 43″ with Sky Ultimate and Netflix packagejust to £33 per month, Instead of 40 pounds. Plus, you can add Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, UHD (4K) and more – at discounted prices, on an 18-month contract.

If you don’t need a new TV, you can currently get Sky Stream with the Sky Ultimate package – which includes Sky’s premium entertainment channels and the ‘basic’ (ad-free) Netflix tier – For just £19 per month, with an 18-month contract.

And if you choose to combine these offers with Sky’s broadband, prices could drop even further – but remember, you don’t have to use Sky’s broadband for either Glass or Stream, as they can work with any UK provider.

It is important to note that some deals are only available via special promotional links, available from some affiliate partners and comparison sites. Fortunately, we’re allowed to make this offer to you – so see below for the full list of options.

Sky Glass and Sky Stream explained

Sky Glass is a 4K TV with a QLED HDR display and a built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar with six speakers, launched two years ago.

Sky glass with movie hero
Sky Glass

Unlike traditional Sky services in the UK, Sky Glass and Stream don’t use satellite – instead, they rely on broadband, streaming all content to the TV, just like the other services. Streaming devices Such as Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices – or streaming services such as Sky’s NOW (see our Comparison of Sky Glass VS NOW).

Until the Free channels It is broadcast over broadband – so no antenna is needed (but there is still an antenna port on the TV, as a ‘back up’ for when you don’t have an internet connection, or if you cancel your subscription to Sky. Sky Stream does not have a working antenna port) .

in My in-depth review of Sky Glass Since last year, I’ve been impressed with its global search (something it does better than most standalone streaming devices) and some of its advanced features.

Sky Glass TV Guide
Free viewing on Sky Glass

Picture and sound quality are mid-range but decent, and although certainly not perfect – with some missing channels (compared to Sky Q) and missing apps, Registration method is confusing, And how different it is from the Sky Q (which is either a plus or a minus, depending on who you are) – it’s still an impressive device, if a bit tall at this point.

Sky is constantly rolling out updates to Sky Glass – even as late as last year Improve picture quality on your TV Via software update, and Personal files It was finally introduced this year.

Skystream (see my review) It is a standalone 4K streaming box, also known as a “puck”. Sky launched it last year.

Sky Stream with remote control on table

Once you subscribe to Sky, you’ll get all Sky channels, plus third-party channels and… Some Freeview channelsare broadcast to the box via broadband.

Both Stream and Glass are available without long-term contracts – but as is often the case with Sky, the best discounts are reserved for those willing to sign 18-month contracts.

On top of the basic Sky Ultimate package (which includes TV channels like Sky Atlantic, along with many third-party channels and Freeview channels via broadband), for both Glass and Stream, you can also add additional content packs like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and more.

Black Friday offers from Sky Glass

when you He buys Sky Glass direct from SkyYou pay separately for the TV itself (the device) and Sky channels and services.

You can choose whether you want to pay the full TV amount up front – or in installments (either 24 or 48). Please remember that these installments are a loan – you will need a credit check, and your credit score could take a hit if you miss any payments.

Sky Glass - three sizes

The loan method also means that what you pay for the TV isn’t part of your Sky subscription – so even if you leave Sky, you’ll still have to finish paying for the TV.

On the other hand, once these installments are finished – you own the TV (It can even be resoldalthough it’s not always as easy as selling a “regular” smart TV).

to Black Friday 2023Sky is offering its “lowest prices ever” on Glass – but there’s a twist this year – as you don’t get any discounts on the TV itself, just on content bundles (but that still keeps the overall price low, depending on which package you choose).

As of this writing, Sky Glass prices are:

  • the 43″ Sky Glass TV is £699 sincere, £14/m With a loan of 48 months and £28 per month With a 24-month loan
  • the 55″ Skyglass is £949 sincere, £19/m With a loan of 48 months and £38 per month With a 24-month loan
  • the 65″ Skyglass is £1,199 sincere, £24/m With a loan of 48 months and £48 per month With a 24-month loan

All three loans also carry an upfront fee of £10/£20 (depending on term).

Skye at lastThe basic package includes Sky Entertainment And Netflix Basic (no ads), typically costs £29 per month on a rolling contract, and £26 per month on an 18-month contract.

Ultimate heaven content
Skye at last

So, this is where Black Friday sales come in: they lower the price of the Ultimate package, plus a few other extras, depending on which package you choose.

As mentioned above, some of these special prices are available via the following links – you won’t see them if you go directly to the Sky website – as they are only offered via affiliate and comparison sites.

So from now on November 30You can get:

Over 18 months, that’s a saving £126.

You can bundle this offer with any of the TV sizes – but for example, you get:

Again, remember that once the 18-month period is up, you’ll continue to pay the loan repayments (£14 a month in this case) for the TV itself, for a further 30 months (and you can either cancel or continue your Sky Ultimate subscription at that point).

Alongside this bundle, Sky is also discounting several additional extras for Black Friday 2023:

  • Sky Sports Temporarily reduced to £18 per month (instead of £25 per month) on an 18-month contract
  • Sky Cinema It is down to £8 per month (instead of £11) on an 18-month contract, and £10/m (instead of £13) on the rolling contract
  • TNT Sports (It was formerly known as BT Sport) down to £26 per month (instead of £30 per square meter) – and now you too Get the full Discovery+ Premium plan (Which includes TNT Sports on other devices) if you sign up to TNT Sports via Sky.
  • Sky Kids It is down to £4 per month (instead of £6).
  • the Ultra HD (4K) And Dolby Atmos Add-on down to £4 per month (instead of £6).

If you want to watch in additional rooms, you need the Whole Home add-on, available now £10 per month (instead of £12) – with the first streaming disc (for the second room) being free.

Finally, if you want to be able to skip ads on Sky Glass (or more accurately – Fast forward to them) -You have to pay £5 per month For the privilege – but there is no discount on that.

Skystream Black Friday deals

If you don’t need a new Sky TV, and are just looking to pick up a standalone Sky Stream device – you can get the same discounts (as with Glass) on content bundles – the lowest ever for Sky Stream (although we did (See some of these price points before – but it’s always good to see them back.)

As with Sky Glass, you can choose to subscribe to Sky, via Stream puck, with a 31-day rolling contract that you can cancel at any time – or subscribe for 18 months and pay less for some content packages.

Skystream living room facade

It’s worth noting that unlike Sky Glass – you don’t own the Sky Stream disc at any point, and need to return it if you cancel your Sky subscription.

As part of Sky’s limited time Black Friday offers (valid until November 30), subscribers who want to sign up for an 18-month contract can get Sky Stream puck, Sky Ultimate and Netflix for just £19 a month, with no upfront fees.

If you’re still on the fence about Sky Stream, you might be better off accepting a 31-day rolling contract – this is the one I usually recommend, as it gives you more flexibility – but the price is higher.

But if you know for sure that you will keep Sky Stream and its subscription for a longer period – it is better to get it at a bigger discount.

The £19 offer is also available as part of some packages offering additional discounts:

There are broadband packages too, although as always broadband depends on availability in your area, so it’s best to compare with other companies.

Also keep in mind that Sky Stream works with any broadband – it doesn’t have to be from Sky.

Finally, remember that Sky Stream (and Sky Glass) aren’t the only options for getting Sky content – ​​you can also get it via Sky’s live streaming service, now.

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