End Of An Era: Lionsgate+ Is Shutting Down In The UK

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In an unexpected twist that will reshape the British streaming landscape (again), Lionsgate+the premium streaming service, is set to close its UK operations in early 2024.

Lionsgate+, which was operating in the UK in some capacity Since 2019is a streaming platform known for its great results Outlander, the great And The third book of power.

This decision was first hinted at in a memo to employees by Starz’s CEO Jeffrey HirschWhich reported the closure of Starz operations in the UK and Australia.

However, while the memo did not explicitly specify the fate of the Lionsgate+ streaming service in the UK, Cord Busters can now confirm that the service will indeed exit the British market early next year.

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The move is part of a larger reorganization of the company, as Starz looks to streamline its operations and potentially sever ties with Lionsgate through a sale.

The note that signaled the end

Initial whispers of change came in the form of a memo from Starz’s CEO jeffrey Hirsch, that was Published before diverse Friday.

Starz, an established name in premium television networks, is going through a major transformation, as Starz prepares to stand out as an independent entity, separate from Lionsgate, the powerhouse entertainment company it currently owns (Lionsgate bought Starz for $4.4 billion in 2016).

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The memo details a “company-wide organizational restructuring”, which included an exit from the UK market.

Hirsch’s words painted a picture of a company at a crossroads, facing the difficult task of adapting to a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The memo praised the company’s move from a linear-only business model to a more dynamic, digital approach, which has made it profitable in a highly competitive market.

However, the memo also carried a grim tone, as it acknowledged the impact on employees and the difficulty of the decisions made: according to Variety, Starz plans to lay off more than 10% of its employees.

What is Lionsgate+ UK?

Lionsgate+, the premium streaming service from Lionsgate/Starz, is a relatively new player in the UK streaming market – at least under its current identity.

He. She It launches in the UK and Ireland in October 2022After the major rebranding of its previous incarnation, STARZ PLAY.

First incarnation – STARZ PLAY

The service is a local, streaming-only version of US premium channel Starz, but the selection of shows in the UK comes from Starz and other international TV platforms.

The name Lionsgate+ is derived from Lionsgate, the entertainment company that owns the service. Founded in 1997, Lionsgate is a producer and distributor of films and television shows.

The service doesn’t have a very large library of content compared to major streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, but it does feature several notable UK titles.

These include A stranger from home, The Third Book of Power, The Great, The Eleventh StationAnd more. The service is also adding a host of blockbuster movies to the platform every month.

Outlander season 6 gallery
Outlander (Photo: STARZ)

Lionsgate+ is available as a standalone streaming service (on the web and through its own mobile app), or Like Amazon Prime Video channel.

The standalone Lionsgate+ app is available for Android and iOS devices. Once the app is downloaded, users can usually get a short free trial, after which they will pay the $100 monthly subscription price £5.99.

And in October 2022, Lionsgate+ arrived Sky Glass, SkystreamAnd SkyQ As an app, it represents a new European partnership aimed at bringing more TV and film content across Sky’s platforms.

Goodbye Lionsgate+

Despite a rebranding and some notable offerings, Lionsgate+ has faced an uphill battle in the competitive UK streaming market.

Lionsgate iOS app

The service has struggled to get the same attention as larger platforms, like Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video, which dominate the streaming space with their vast libraries and original content.

While the memo did not explicitly specify the fate of Lionsgate+ in the UK, we can confirm that the service will be shut down early next year.

Lionsgate+ has been a staple on many platforms, including Amazon’s Prime Video and Sky, with a few franchises having dedicated fanbases – e.g. A stranger from home And The Great (which was recently cancelled).

The big TV show
The Great (Image: Lionsgate+)

Cord Busters understands that the company is working closely with its partners to ensure minimal disruption to consumers as it prepares to end its services.

Until a specific shutdown date is announced, Lionsgate+ will operate normally, and with monthly subscription billing, customers should have enough time to enjoy the final month of service when the time comes.

It’s still unknown at this point what will happen to the Lionsgate+ exclusive franchises – it’s safe to assume that some of the most popular ones will end up on competing streaming platforms, but nothing is certain at this point.

Lionsgate on Sky

What remains clear is that the streaming wars are far from over, and that the landscape of digital content consumption will continue to change.

Some are already saying that there are too many separate streaming services, all competing for our attention and money, and so the industry is likely to continue to evolve, as mergers, acquisitions and partnerships become more common.

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