How to Install Catch-up TV and More Kodi Addon Easily

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Today I will be showing you how to install the Catch-up TV and More Kodi addon. Furthermore, I will explain whether the supplement is safe and legal to use, how to use it, some of its features, and more. This guide is for all Kodi devices, including Windows, macOS, smartphones, tablets, FireStick, Android TV Boxes, and more.

Install the Catch Up TV and More Kodi addon

What is Catch-up TV and More?

Catch-up TV and More is an addon that lets you watch live TV channels, catch-up content, and more! This addon is a perfect alternative to IPTV if you don’t want to spend a penny but still enjoy live channels.

There are three main sections in Catch-up TV & More: Live TV, Catch-up TV, and Websites. Within the first section, you’ll find channels divided into region folders. The same applies to the second volume. But within the third site, the content is divided into popular sites.

For power users, the Catch-up TV and More Kodi addon offers many advanced features like built-in VPN, folder sorting, content filtering, and more.

Catch-up TV was chosen for our collection of Best Live TV Addons for Kodi.


The government and ISPs endlessly monitor your online activities using… Your IP address 3,17,249,235 (open to everyone). Kodi is an excellent platform for streaming movies, TV shows, and sports, but streaming copyrighted content can get you into legal trouble.

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Is catch-up TV safer?

Catch-up TV & More is a completely safe addon. This is because it is available via the official Kodi add-on repository.

Moreover, since it is also available via the Catch-up TV & More repository, I ran a test on its zip file. It turns out to be harmless, according to available site tests – and here’s the proof:

Is catch-up TV safer?

Is Catch-up & More legal?

Catch-up TV & More is 100% legal. You won’t find it in the official Kodi add-on repository if it isn’t.

However, if you want to use Catch-up TV & More peacefully, get the ExpressVPN.

Catch-up TV features and more extras

This list contains the best Catch-up TV features and more:

  • Easy and simple to use interface.
  • Channels and catch-up content are broken down by region.
  • Advanced settings for power users.
  • It does not depend on services such as Real Debride.

How to Install Catch-up TV and More Kodi Addons?

Some additional procedures are included in installing Catch-up TV and more. That’s why this guide is divided into three separate parts. Each section is of utmost importance. So, follow each step in order and don’t miss any step.

Method 1 – Install Catch-up TV & More from the official Kodi repository

This section explains how to install the addon from the official Kodi repository.

1. Click Gear settings.

2. Click Extras.

3. go to Install from repository.

4. Click Kodi add-on repository.

5. Opens Video add-ons.

6. Opens Catch up on TV and more.

7. Click Steady.

8. Click Yes Allows installation of additional add-ons with Catch-up TV & More.

9. Allow Kodi to finish installing Catch-up TV & More.

10. A message will appear in the upper right section.

This is how you install the addon from the official repository.

Method 2 – Install Catch-up TV, More Catch-up TV, and More Repository

If for some reason you cannot install the addon from the official repository (using method 1), you can sideload it by following the steps below. However, if you have already installed the extension, you do not need to follow the following steps.

Part 1 – Enable Unknown Sources

First, enable Unknown Sources located in Settings/System on Kodi.

1. He chooses Gear pinion To troubleshoot Kodi settings.

How to Install Catch-up TV and More Kodi Addons

2. Click on the bottom right tile labeled System.

Kodi system

3. He chooses Extras.

Select the Add-ons tab

4. Under General on the left panel, turn on Unknown sources.

Unknown sources

5. He chooses Yes To complete.

Click on the Yes button

6. He chooses –Updated official add-ons from To change how your add-ons are updated.

Select -Update official add-ons from

7. Checks That is, warehouses. Now, all add-ons will be updated through official/unofficial repos.

Check any repositories

Part 2 – Install Catch-up TV Repository

Next, here’s how to add the source URL of Catch-up TV & More and install its zip repo file:

1. He chooses Gear To open Kodi settings.

    Kodi settings

2. arrive to files manager Tile.

Kodi file manager

3. two Add the source Options will be available. Click anyone you want.

Add the source

4. Click <لا شيء>.

Catch up with the TV supplement

5. He writes To save the change, click Yes.

NB: At FireStickHow, we are not associated with the creators of the Catch-up TV & More repository. I have mentioned the URL above so you can use it to access the repo at your own risk.

Enter the repo link

6. To change the default name, click on the Media Source Name text box as shown in the image below.

Select the repo

7. Assign an alias to the repository and press Yes. You have named the source Right Because it will be easy to remember.

Enter the name of the media source

8. He chooses Yes To add the source to your file manager list.

Click OK button

9. Upon success, you will see the name of the repo, Rightin the list.

Catch up on TV and more addon on Kodi

10. He chooses Extras.

    Kodi add-ons

11. Select the item Installation from zip file On the next screen.

Installation from zip file

12. He chooses Yes To complete.

Click Yes to continue

13. Explore source name Right. Or the one you set in step 7.

Select Catch Up

14. From the two folders choose stable_channel.

Choose stable_channel

15. He chooses repository.catchuptvandmore.stable-xxxzip.

Select the warehouse

16. When you install the repo, a notification appears in the upper right corner.

The Catch-up TV & More version repository add-on is installed

Part 3 – How to install Catch-up TV addon and more

finally! Use the instructions to install Catch-up TV and more:

1. To browse the list of available repo on Kodi, open Install from repository.

Install from repository

2. Click on Catch Up TV Repository.

Click on the repository

3. He chooses Video add-ons Out of a total of three subfolders available.

Choose Video add-ons

4. He chooses Catch up on TV and more.

Catch up on TV and more

5. He chooses Steady.

How to Install Catch Up TV & More Kodi Addon

6. A pop-up window will ask you to install add-ons such as InputStream Handler. He chooses Yes moving forward.

Additional extras

7. Kodi will require a few seconds to download and install Catch-up TV & More.

Download Catch-up TV and more

8. When finished, a notification will appear at the top right of the screen.

Catch up on TV and more add on installed

Congratulations! Catch-up TV & More is now ready to use.

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How to Use Catch-up TV and More Kodi Addons

Here’s a quick overview of using the Catch-up TV and More Kodi addon:

Opens Extras It is located in Cody’s house.

Select the Add-ons tab

launch Catch up on TV and more Video add-ons.

Play Catch-up TV and more

Here are four volumes available on Catch-up TV & More:

  • Live TV
  • Catch up TV
  • websites
  • Favorite

Catch TV and more addon

To stream free live channels, open Live TV to divide.

Open the Live TV section

Select the second Box to display channels

Catch up on TV and more Kodi addon

The channels are divided into 24 region categories such as France, Belgium, Poland, Spain, etc. I’m making a choice international To browse international channels.

Choose international

Inside, I see 19 live TV channels.

Watch 19 live TV channels

To watch catch-up content, open Catch up TV.

Open Catch-up TV

Like live TV, follow-up content is divided into region folders such as Italy, Tunisia, USA, etc.

Catch-up content

To browse content across sites, open websites.

Select the Websites tab

Now, I see folders from different popular websites.

Kodi addon catch up on TV and more

Finally, to check the saved content, open Favorite.

Open favorites

Since I haven’t saved any content, I see a notification saying – Favorites Add at least one favorite to access.

How to Install Catch Up TV & More Kodi Addon


With Catch-up TV & More on Kodi, you can stream hundreds of channels and tons of free catch-up content! So, don’t wait and use this guide to learn how to install Catch-up TV and More Kodi addon. Feel free to leave your suggestions, feedback and questions in the comments section.


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