How to Install FireAnime on FireStick for Endless Anime

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This tutorial discusses the steps to install FireAnime on FireStick. Use these steps to install this app on various Fire TV devices, including TVs running Fire OS, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Lite, and FireStick 3rd Gen, New FireStick 4K, New FireStick 4K Max, And FireStick 4K and 4K Max.

How to install FireAnime on FireStick

What is Fire Anime?

FireAnime is an online streaming app dedicated to anime. This app does not host any of the content it offers. Instead, it provides links where you can stream from the actual source. It has a huge collection of anime content primarily because it combines streaming links from other anime platforms such as Anime Twist, GogoAnime, and 4Anime.

FireAnime is one of Best Streaming Apps for FireStickEspecially for those who enjoy anime. Its interface is elegant and well segmented. Navigation is also relatively easy, with minimal to zero buffering. Link commands work well, and loading times are fast.

Another factor that stood out in the FireAnime app is the video quality. Resolution is excellent and reaches full HD for some videos. I also like that FireAnime supports many popular third-party players, and you don’t need a file Switch mouse For navigation.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for any anime fan looking for a comprehensive streaming app with a robust library.

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Is FireAnime safe?

FireAnime is not an official app hosted on different app stores. Therefore, FireStickHow cannot ensure the integrity of the content sources of this application. If you are concerned about the safety of FireAnime, conduct independent investigations into its content sources before installing it on your FireStick.

Fortunately, FireAnime was not flagged as malware after running it on VirusTotal.

Is fire anime safe?

Is FireAnime legal?

Like other third-party apps, it’s impossible to determine how legitimate FireAnime is. To make sure your personal information is safe when streaming on this app, use a VPN. ExpressVPN It’s excellent if you want a reliable VPN service to pair with your content streaming apps. It has different server locations globally and has among the highest data security protocols.

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Features of the FireAnime application

Let’s take a quick look at the best features of FireAnime:

  • It has a comfortable and elegant design.
  • FireAnime has a wide range of anime content, including bonus links from sources like Anime Twist, GogoAnime, and 4Anime.
  • It supports translations in various languages.
  • You can use the application with many popular third-party players such as MX Player Pro.
  • The links work well and are fast with minimal lag.
  • Video resolution ranges between 720p and 1080p.
  • It has an automatic full screen mode.
  • Videos are played with one click.
  • FireAnime is completely ad-free.

How to install FireAnime on FireStick

Installing FireAnime on your FireSick should only take a few minutes. The installation steps are classified into two parts, as detailed below.

Setting up FireStick to sideload FireAnime

Like all third-party apps that are not available on the Amazon App Store, you will need to sideload FireAnime to install and use it on your FireStick. Sideloading involves using a sideloading application called Downloader.

Follow these steps to install and set up the downloader:

1. On the FireStick home screen, go to Search > Search And install the downloader application.

How to install Fireanime on Firestick

2. Next, go to FireStick Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps. This will enable installation of Viva TV via the Downloader app.

NB: If your device displays a message Applications from unknown sources option Instead of installing unknown apps, in this case, click on it on.

Steps to install FireAnime on FireStick

After adjusting your FireStick settings to set up the downloader, follow the installation steps below:

1. Click My applications On the Fire TV home screen.

Fire anime application

2. tap on Download tool program.

com. fireanime

3. Click on Search bar.

Anime fire on a fire stick

4. Enter this URL And click He goes.

NB: is not the host of FireAnime APK. This app is from a third party developer. We have no association with the developer.

Fireanime repo link

5. Wait for the application to download.

Fire anime stick fire

6. Click Steady.

How to install Fireanime on Firestick

7. Click Finished.

Click the done button

8. Click wipe up To delete the downloaded file in the pop-up status window.

Delete fireanime apk files

9. Click wipe up Once again to confirm.

com. fireanime

This is how you install FireAnime on FireStick.

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ExpressVPN for Fire Stick

vpn for firestick

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Click ExpressVPN

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Expressvpn Firestick

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Login VPN on Firestick

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Connect ExpressVPN on your Fire Stick

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FireAnime App Overview

If you watch anime content regularly, I suggest you create a FireAnime shortcut on your FireStick home screen. It’s easy to locate the shortcut and save time that you might otherwise spend browsing through all the apps on your FireStick. Refer to this Guide to learn how to create a shortcut.

Launching FireAnime starts with a short guide to help you get started using the app. This guide explains which third-party launcher works best with the app, how to report screensaver issues and app errors, and how to use app add-ons.

Click the arrow at the bottom of the guide to navigate through the pages, then click the Get Started button. Next, select your display option, then click “Confirm” to go to the FireAnime home screen.

FireAnime home screen

As we mentioned earlier, FireAnime’s interface is very straightforward. Additional animation sources on the FireAnime home screen include Gogo Anime, Anime Pahe, Anime Twist, and others.

Click on any of these secondary apps to view the library. After clicking on any app, you will see many anime subcategories like Popular Anime, New Seasons, and others.

Fire anime application

In the top right corner there is a search icon and three vertical dots that take you to settings, change the UI and view all animations.

Click on the search icon to find a specific anime title directly instead of browsing through the library. Under the Settings button, you will find options like set video player, view all sources, clear watchlist, clear cache, and others.

Fire anime settings

When you return to the library, you will notice that each anime has a rating indicated under the title. Click on any of them to view the summary and details such as year of approval and type.

Below the anime poster, there are also options such as streaming or adding to watchlist. Click on the streaming option to start watching. Streaming links load quickly, and there is minimal lag.

How to install Fireanime on Firestick


FireAnime is an excellent streaming app dedicated to anime with a wide range of anime content. Additionally, the app has all the features you need, including a search icon, external launcher support, an easy-to-use interface, and a guide to help you report bugs.

This app does not host any of its content. Instead, it aggregates other animation applications and redirects your links to the host. As a result, streaming links load quickly, with minimal lag or buffering. Each collection contains a brief synopsis, ratings, and year or release details to guide the viewer. Additionally, the app is completely ad-free, so your streaming experience will not be interrupted.

Have you installed FireAnime on FireStick? Share your experience with the app in the comments below.


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