How to Install Moria Kodi Addon (Stream Favorite Movies & Shows)

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This article shows how to install the Moria Kodi addon. Furthermore, it includes other important information, including how to use the addon, connect it to other services, and more. This guide is meant for all Kodi devices, including Amazon FireStick, Windows PC, macOS Systems, Android phones, Nvidia Shield, etc.

How to Install Moria Kodi Addon

What is Moria?

Moria is a movie and TV show streaming addon available via The Crew Repo. This addon lets you watch popular movies, cult classic TV shows, interesting documentaries, and more. Moria features two main sections: Movies and TV Shows. And inside, these are split into further sub-folders, so you can easily find the content you are looking for. Moreover, the addon lets you find content using people.

With Moria, you can save your favorite movies and TV shows. Furthermore, access the premium side of the addon by integrating services like Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and more.

Attention KODI Users: Read before you continue

Government and ISPs endlessly monitor your online activities using your IP address (exposed to everyone). Kodi is an excellent platform for streaming movies, TV shows, and sports, but streaming copyrighted content can get you into legal trouble. 

You should use a reliable Kodi VPN and protect your streaming activities and privacy. A VPN will hide your IP address and bypass government surveillance and geo-restrictions.

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Read: How to Install & Use the best VPN for Kodi.

Is Moria Safe?

Unlike official addons, no proof suggests that Moria is safe or unsafe for Kodi users. And as it’s a third-party addon, you can’t seek any help regarding it on Kodi forums. The safety status of Moria is unknown to all. At FireStickHow, we can also not give any final verdict.

However, I tested the zip file of The Crew Repo (where Moria is hosted) on VirusTotal, a famous virus checker site. Gladly, it passed all the checks.

Is Moria Safe?

Is Moria Legal?

Moria is a third-party addon that uses scrapers to find and fetch movie and TV show links for you. Although the act is valid, the content you find and watch via it may or may not be legal or illegal. At, we can’t say whether using Moria is legal or not. That’s because we don’t know what a user might be streaming via the addon.

So, if you are skeptical about Moria’s safety and legality, I recommend using a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Features of Moria Addon

Here are the top features of Moria Addon

  • Trakt support
  • Friendly user-interface
  • Neatly created Movies & TV Shows sections
  • Supports multiple universal resolvers like Real-Debrid

How to Install Moria Kodi Addon

Unlike official addons, there are several extra steps involved in installing Moria. I have separated them into three parts. This means you can easily follow along without running into any problems.

Part 1: Turn On Unknown Sources

Start by turning on an option, Unknown Sources, inside Kodi Settings:

1. Select Cog Gear to take yourself to Kodi Settings.

How to Install Moria Kodi Addon

2. Select System.

click on System tab

3. Explore Add-ons by scrolling down on the left panel.

click on Add-ons tab

4. On your right, under General, enable Unknown sources.

turn on Unknown sources

5. Select Yes to proceed.

Note: The warning sign briefs you about the possible outcomes of installing repos/addons from unknown sources.

click Yes on warning prompt

6. To switch how addons get updated on your Kodi app, open -Update official add-ons from.

Update official addons from

7. Official repositories only (default) will be selected. Choose Any repositories to let Kodi fetch automatic updates for addons from any installed repo.

Any repositories

Part 2: Install The Crew Repo

In this step, I will install The Crew Repo, where the Moria addon is located.

1. Again, open Kodi Settings – select Cog Gear.

how to install THE CREW REPO

2. Select File manager.

File manager tile

3. Select Add source.

Add source option

4. Select <None>.

click on None option

5. Enter The Crew Repo’s official URL – After that, press OK.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with the developers of The Crew Repo. At FSH, we review Kodi addons and FireStick apps for educational purposes. The way you use apps and addons is your responsibility.

enter the repo link

6. You must select a title for The Crew Repo URL source. For that, choose the Highlighted Input.

select the input box

7. Enter The Crew and hit OK.

Note: You can select any other alias but ensure that you remember it when needed. 

enter the name of media source

8. To preserve The Crew Repo source, hit OK.

click on ok button

9. Return to Kodi Settings. Open Add-ons.

open Add-ons tab

10. Choose Install from zip file to access the menu to install The Crew Repo source .zip 

choose Install from zip file

11. Read Kodi’s warning about manual updates for add-ons and select Yes to continue.

click yes on warning prompt

12. Choose The Crew.

Note: Pick the alias you set in step 7.

The Crew zip file

13. Choose

Note: When writing, The Crew Repo zip file version is 0.3.4. However, it may be changed when you install it.

repository zip file

14. Wait for a notification- THE CREW REPO Add-on installed.

THE CREW REPO Add-on installed

The all-time famous repository, The Crew Repo, is now accessible.

Part 3: How to Install Moria Addon

At last, install the Moria Kodi addon using The Crew Repo:

1. Open Install from repository to access the repos installed on your app.

open Install from repository

2. Launch THE CREW REPO.


3. The Crew Repo features five sub-sections. Choose Video add-ons.

choose Video add-ons

4. Select  MORIA.

open MORIA

5. Select Install.

Note: MORIA dashboard features all information about its version, dependencies, summary, and more.

click on Install button

6. Some added add-ons, like MoriaScrapers Module, Google Drive, and more, will also get installed. Choose OK to allow.

How to Install Moria Kodi Addon

7. You can track the download and install progress of MORIA as highlighted below.

downloading Moria kodi addon

8. Once installation is complete, a notification will pop up – MORIA Add-on installed.  

MORIA Add-on installed

You can now watch your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more using Moria.

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How to Use Moria Kodi Addon

The following is a quick Moria walkthrough:

Explore Add-ons via Kodi’s home.

click on Addons tab on kodi screen

Stay on Video add-ons and launch MORIA.

launch MORIA

At MORIA’s home, the following are nine sub-sections:

MORIA’s home screen

To stream films on MORIA, open Movies.

open Movies section

This section comprises 26 folders that let you access movies through filters like Recently Released, People Watching, Featured, Genres, and more.

26 folders movies

For instance, to watch popular films, open the Most Popular folder.

open the Most Popular folder

Moria displays a list of the 21 most popular movies.

list of the 21 most popular movies

To browse shows on Moria, open TV Shows.

open TV Shows

Like Movies, this section incorporates 18 sub-sections that let you access shows through filters, including Genres, Networks, People Watching, and more.

18 sub-sections Tv shows

Use the New Episodes shortcut on Moria’s home to access recently released TV show episodes.

Tv shows New Episodes

Moria displays a list of 51 new episodes within a few seconds.

list of 51 new episodes

To explore movie stars, directors, producers, and more open People.

open People section

I see a list comprising 51 people from the Movie & TV Show industry.

list of 51 people from Movie & TV Show

To find a show, film, actor, or director, choose Search on Moria’s home.

choose Search to find a show, movie, actor etc

You can separately search for Movies, TV Shows, and People.

separately search Movies, TV Shows, and People

Lastly, don’t forget to see other sections of Moria!

How to Set up Real-Debrid on Moria

Real Debrid integration with Moria takes your streaming experience to a new level. Unaware of the service? Go through our detailed guide about Real Debrid. Now, use the steps below to integrate it with Moria:

1. On Moria’s home, explore the Tools section.

How to set-up Real-Debrid on Moria

2. Open Resolve URL : Settings.

Open Resolve URL :Settings

3. On Settings – ResolveURL window, open the Universal Resolvers 2 tab.

open the Universal Resolvers 2

4. Select (Re)Authorise My Account under Real-Debrid.   

(Re)Authorise My Account

5. Launch a web browser on your PC/phone and visit When prompted, enter the code you see on your Kodi screen. Then, complete the integration by finishing the step-by-step instructions. 

Note: The Real Debrid website will ask you to sign in if logged out.

(Re)Authorise My Account

6. On completion, a notification will appear on your Kodi app: ResolveURL Real-Debrid Resolver Authorized.

ResolveURL Real-Debrid Resolver Authorised

You can use Moria to access the premium links of your favorite shows, films, and more.

How to Set up Trakt on Moria

Trakt is a free service that lets you track the progress of your streaming. Go through our special guide to learn more about it. And after that, follow the instructions below to connect it with Moria. 

1. Open Tools.

How to set-up Trakt on Moria

2. Select Moria : Settings.

Select Moria : Settings

3. Choose the Trakt tab.

choose the Trakt tab

4. Select Authorize.

Authorize Trakt

5. Visit using a web browser on your phone/PC. When asked, enter the code (you see on Kodi). After that, complete the setup by following the on-screen guide.

Note: Trakt will ask you to sign in if you are logged out.

Activate Trakt

6. On success, you’ll see your username on the right side of the Authorize option.

How to Install Moria Kodi Addon

Congratulations! Your Trakt account is now linked with Moria.


Use this guide to learn how to install the Moria Kodi addon and enjoy free movies and TV shows. And drop your suggestions, feedback, and questions regarding the article in the comments section. 


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