How to Install & Use Viki on FireStick for Asian Movies & Shows

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This tutorial will guide you how to install and use Viki on FireStick. I will also cover a summary of the plans and basic features of the app. This guide applies to all Fire TV devices. This includes FireStick Lite, Fire TV Cube, FireStick 3rd Gen, etc.

How to install and use Viki on FireStick

What is Vicky?

Viki is a streaming platform that allows you to watch Asian TV shows and movies. The content list includes Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese dramas, K-pop dramas, K-dramas, and more. You can also avail Viki pass subscription to access exclusive Asian dramas in HD.

Viki is officially supported on the Amazon App Store. You can get the app directly on your FireStick and start streaming. You can also enjoy uninterrupted streaming on most devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

It offers an easy-to-navigate interface and simple design.

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Vicki plans and pricing

Viki offers two main plans: the Standard plan and Viki Pass. The Standard plan is free but gives you limited access to certain features and content. For example, with the Standard plan, you can watch a wide range of movies and TV shows but may be interrupted by ads.

There are two types of Viki Pass subscriptions. The standard Viki Pass costs $4.99 per month. It includes exclusive access to Viki Originals, Movies and Dramas. It also provides an ad-free HD viewing experience for subscribers. You can also take advantage of the 7-day free trial of Viki pass Standard.

Viki Pass Plus is available for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Includes access to Viki library, exclusive content, and more. In addition, you can watch content on four devices simultaneously. However, the subscription is available in some regions of Central, North and South America.

How to register on Viki

Signing up for Viki is very easy. You can create an account in less than a few minutes.

To sign up for Viki, follow these quick steps:

1. go to In your web browser, then click Create an account Button at the top right.

Vicki on the fire stick

2. Choose a registration method on the account creation page. I click Contact Google To register via my Google account.

Click Continue with Google

3. Choose your account in Choose an account to divide.


4. Go to your inbox in another browser window and open Viki’s verification message. Then press Confirm your email.

Select Verify your email

5. Again, open the main browser. You will see Congratulations! Your email has now been verified.

Vicki streaming app

Thats all about it. You are now registered with Viki.

Features of the Viki application

Here are the top features of Viki:

  • Most of the best Asian content in one app.
  • Free streaming.
  • Two Viki Pass subscriptions for exclusive, ad-free, high-quality streaming content.
  • Compatible with almost all streaming devices.
  • Multilingual translations in over 150 languages.
  • Option to chat with other viewers during the broadcast.

Install Viki on FireStick

Viki is officially available on Amazon App Store. This means that installing it on your FireStick is very easy.

1. Turn on your FireStick. Then select Find button using the remote control.

How to install Viki on FireStick

2. handle seek In the upper left side of the search menu.

Vicki gushed

3. Type Viki Rakuten in the search menu. After that press Vicky Rakuten When it appears in suggestions.

Vicky Rakuten

4. The app will appear under the Apps & Games section. Next, select Vicky Rakuten Icon to download it in the Amazon App Store.

Viki Rakuten application

5. Click on Gets icon.

How to download rakuten viki on firestick

6. Rakuten Viki will start downloading to your streaming device. Wait a few moments.

Download viki

7. You will see Open button When the download is successful. You can click on it to launch the application directly or exit the menu.

Click on the Open button

This is how you install Viki on FireStick.

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ExpressVPN for Fire Stick

vpn for firestick

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Click ExpressVPN

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Expressvpn Firestick

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Login VPN on Firestick

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Connect ExpressVPN on your Fire Stick

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Overview of the Viki application

Congratulations! You have installed Viki Rakuten on your FireStick. You can create an app shortcut on the home screen to access it quickly. Read our guide on creating an app shortcut on the home screen.

Let’s see how to use Viki app. Using your FireStick remote, scroll and tap Three square To launch the application list.

Fire stick applications

In the list of applications, scroll and tap Vicky Rakuten.

Vicki streaming app

If you’re launching Viki for the first time, wait a few moments.

Rakuten Viki app

When Viki loads, select sign in To follow the tab.

Click Sign in to continue

Now, on a different phone or computer, go to And log in to your account. Then enter the code on your FireStick Viki to complete the login.


When you enter the code, press Link now button.

Click the link button now

That’s it. Your FireTV is now linked to your account. You can start streaming right away.

Vicky Drama application

The application will appear in the language list. You can select the language and click Arrow Icon to continue.

Click on the arrow icon

Click Get started.

Click Get Started

The homepage of Viki Rakuten is divided into subsections like Viki Picks, Latest Releases, etc. And you can scroll through the options to see the things you like.

Vicky Rakuten's home page

Below the main menu is the TV menu. Click on television tab to open it. Here, you can explore Rakuten VIKI TV shows.

Viki TV application

After that, you can select films Option in the menu to launch the Movies section. Again, you can customize the options by genre, region, and popularity.

Select movies

Click on Introductory account Button to start the menu. Here you can view your profile details.

Choose a personal page

handle Settings Below the profile to open it. This menu is divided into five sections: Sign Out, Manage Subscriptions, Translations, About Viki, and Billing History.

Click Sign Out to log out. You can manage subscriptions and translation settings or view billing history by clicking on the respective buttons. Or click on the About Viki section to learn more about the app.

How to install Viki on FireStick


Now you know how to install Viki on FireStick. Whether you’re a fan of K-dramas or Asian culture, Viki is sure to help you keep up. Although subscription plans are available in select regions, they provide a great viewing experience.


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