How to Install WeDoTV Kodi Addon for Movies, TV, Sports & More

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This tutorial will cover the steps on how to install WeDoTV Kodi Addon. The steps in this guide apply to all Kodi-compatible devices, including smartphones, computers, Amazon FireSticks, Nvidia Shield, and Android TV boxes. The guide also talks about what the supplement is, its safety, legality, and a brief overview of how to use it.

How to install WeDoTV Kodi addon

What is WeDoTV Kodi addon?

WeDoTV is a multi-purpose addon that lets you watch a wide range of content. The extension has five main sections: TV Series, Movies, Sports, Live Programs, and Search.

You can watch movies, series and sports from all over the world.

The addon comes from a third-party repository called GSource. The repository hosts many Third party add-ons.


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Is WeDoTV Kodi addon safe?

WeDoTV belongs to the GSource repository. It is an unofficial Kodi repository and does not come with a safety warranty card. Unfortunately, FireStickHow does not have the experience and resources to verify the safety of this accessory.

To give you a second opinion, I checked the URL of the extension’s repository on VirusTotal. I found that none of the 89 security vendors flagged the repository as malicious or unsafe. Please check the screenshot below.

Is WeDoTV Kodi addon safe?

Is WeDoTV Kodi addon legal?

Any third party or unofficial addon does not have to follow any legal guidelines. This is how they work. So it is difficult for anyone to comment on the legality of any unofficial on-demand Kodi addon. WeDoTV scrapes unauthorized links from different sources and brings them together in one place. Some of the content it displays may be legal, however, it may also suppress some unauthorized links.

At FireStickHow, we lack the tools to classify a WeDoTV addon as legal or illegal. The best way to avoid the legalities is to use a good VPN service like ExpressVPN. It completely hides my streaming activities.

How to install WeDoTV Kodi addon

The WeDoTV Kodi Addon installation process is divided into four parts:

  • Allow unknown sources
  • Add source URL
  • Install the repository
  • Install the WeDoTV addon

Let’s start with the installation process.

Part 1: Allow unknown sources

By default, Kodi does not allow you to install unofficial add-ons. So, you will have to adjust some settings first.

1. On the Kodi home screenHe presses Settings (gear icon), As shown in the screenshot below.

How to install WeDoTV Kodi addon

2. He chooses System.

Kodi system

3. He chooses Extras On the left side of the screen then Fill Option Unknown sources. This permission allows any unofficial Kodi addon to be recognized and installed on the device.

Enable unknown sources

4. He chooses Yes And return to the main screen.

wedotv kodi addon

Part Two: Adding the source

This section will add the source URL where the repository is hosted.

1. Click on Settings icon.

Kodi settings

2. He chooses files manager.

Kodi file manager

3. He chooses Add the source. If you’re on a computer, double-click here.

Select Add source

4. He presses <لا شيء>.

wedotv kodi addon

5. You must type the repository URL in the box shown in the screenshot. He writes And specify Yes.

Disclaimer: This URL belongs to third party developers. has no affiliation with them.

Enter the repo link

6. We need to name the media source. Click inside the box shown in the screenshot.

Media source name

7. Give name here. I named it Source J. He presses Yes.

Enter the source name g

8. He chooses Yes.

Click OK button

9. Just check the name (G Source or the one you named) and return to the main screen.

Select source g

Part 3: Install the repository

This is the third part of the installation process. Here, we will install the repository where the addon is located.

1. Click on Settings icon.

Kodi settings

2. He chooses Extras.

Kodi add-ons

3. He chooses Installation from zip file.

Installation from zip file

4. He chooses Source J (The name you gave to the media source).

Select G source

5. Click on the postal link repository.gsource-xxxzip. Wait on this screen for some time. An installation success message appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

gsource repository zip file

6. As soon as I see you The G-Source repository add-on is installed. Return to the main screen.

The G-Source repository add-on is installed

Part 4: Install WeDoTV Kodi addon

In this section, we will install the addon from the repository it is hosted on.

1. Click on Settings icon.

Kodi settings

2. He chooses Extras.

Kodi add-ons

3. He chooses Install from repository.

Install from repository

4. Select the G-Source Repository.

Note: With some ISPs, the system does not open any option after that. This happens because your ISP may block access to an unofficial repository library. To solve this problem, you can use a VPN service. If you don’t have one, sign up ExpressVPN By visiting their official website link.

G-Source Repository

5. He chooses Video add-ons.

Video add-ons

6. Locate WeDoTV addition.

com. wedotv

7. He presses Steady.

How to install wedotv kodi addon

8. great! The installation is complete if you see this prompt (as in the screenshot). Return to the main screen.

The wedotv addon is installed

Congratulations! You have now installed the WeDoTV Kodi addon.

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WeDoTV Kodi addon overview

Now that you have the WeDoTV addon installed on Kodi, let’s see what’s in the addon that you can stream and enjoy.

On the kodi home screen, Click on Extras on the left panel and then press WeDoTV thumbnail.

Kodi home screen

The WeDoTV addon has five options in the main menu (Reference: screenshot below). I will give a brief overview of each of them through their screenshots.

Home screen of wedotv kodi addon

The string will be listed like this. Let me tell you that currently there are not many series listed, but I am sure the add-ons team will keep adding to the list.

wedotv kodi addon

The movies section is a little more comprehensive than the series list. It contains a few rare movies that are not available on other free streaming platforms.

wedotv kodi addon movies

The sports section within the appendix mainly contains football and combat sports, along with a few other sports.

Sports section wedotv

The live section is interesting. Includes custom special live programs cut by the addon itself.

wedotv kodi addon guide

The search option within the addon is self-explanatory. Clicking on the search option will give you a search box where you can type what you want to search for.

How to install wedotv kodi addon


I hope you found this guide on how to install the WeDoTV Kodi addon helpful. The steps are the same for all devices you use Kodi on. If there is anything else you would like to know about the WeDoTV Kodi addon, please write to us in the comments section below. I will return with the required information.


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