How to Cast AirPlay to FireStick (2023) | Steps that Truly Work

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The following guide will tell you how to cast AirPlay to FireStick via AirScreen. It will also explain why your streaming device doesn’t support AirPlay and how to work around the limitations. Finally, the blog will cover some common FAQs regarding AirPlay on FireStick. Use these instructions for all FireOS devices, like FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K, and more.

How to AirPlay to FireStick

What is AirPlay?

AirPlay is a wireless streaming technology introduced by Apple Inc. for its devices. AirPlay allows you to stream video and audio and mirror the screen of your Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc., to other AirPlay-enabled devices.

For example, you can stream a movie from your iPhone to an Apple TV, an Airplay-enabled smart TV, or an app for an enjoyable movie night experience. AirPlay is simple and easy to use. However, both devices must be connected to the same WiFi network, as it works over WiFi.

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Does FireStick support AirPlay?

You must be wondering whether FireStick supports the useful and convenient AirPlay. But the answer may disappoint you. No, the streaming device does not support AirPlay natively, as it runs on FireOS, an Android-based system.

FireStick is an Android device, so it is only compatible with Android-based screen sharing protocols. However, this does not mean that you can never enjoy screen mirroring from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to FireStick, as there is an alternative solution available.

What is the alternative solution to send AirPlay to FireStick?

The easiest solution for Cast on FireStick With AirPlay it is to use an external application. Some apps, like AirScreen, allow users to mirror their iPhone screen to FireStick without any hassle. You can also play AirPlay on different devices, as the app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more.

What is AirScreen?

AirScreen is a third-party app that allows screen mirroring and media streaming between devices. It is mainly used as an alternative to Apple’s popular AirPlay feature.

The best feature of AirScreen is its compatibility with multiple devices, including Apple and Android devices, smart TVs, etc.

The app creates a wireless connection between two devices for easy streaming and screen mirroring features.

Prices and plans on AirScreen

AirScreen offers free and paid versions for users. Although the basic free plan is good, getting a paid subscription will definitely enhance your experience. The app offers three main plans:

  • Monthly subscription
  • Annual subscription
  • One-time payment

The monthly plan is $1.49 per month after discount. It also offers a 7-day free trial. After that, the annual plan costs $12.99 per year after discount. It offers a free trial for 14 days. Finally, it costs a one-time payment of $3.49 for a monthly subscription and does not have a free trial feature.

Paid versions offer more features and control options than the basic plan. For example, you will have access to all AirScreen features without restrictions. Moreover, you can also restrict connections, receive simultaneous send requests, etc.

AirScreen features

AirScreen has several features that might convince you to download it. For example:

  • It supports different devices like iOS, Android, Mac, and more for cross-platform compatibility.
  • It allows media streaming as well as screen mirroring.
  • The application can connect to multiple devices at the same time.
  • It’s easy to create a wireless connection between devices via AirScreen.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use.

How to install AirScreen on FireStick

Now, let’s go ahead and install AirScreen on FireStick. Fortunately, obtaining the application is easy, thanks to its availability in the official Amazon App Store.

All you have to do is download AirScreen from the Amazon App Store and connect to it daily. Please follow these steps to get AirScreen app on FireStick.

1. Start FireStick and access the main menu. Then scroll to and choose magnifying glass Icon on the left side.

How to install AirScreen on FireStick

2. Now, select seek The tab at the top of the search list.

Broadcasting using a fire stick

3. After that, the on-screen keyboard will appear. Use that and write AirScreen In the field of research. Then scroll down to Suggested Searches and select AirScreen From the list.

Air screen

4. The app will quickly appear under the Apps & Games section. handle AirScreen To open the application’s control panel.

airplay firestick application

5. Now, press Download or get Button to install the app on FireStick.

How to download airscreen on firestick

6. The download button will quickly turn into a file Loading button once the installation starts.

Download pneumatic screen

7. When the process is complete, you will receive AirScreen is ready to launch notice. This concludes the steps to download AirScreen on Fire TV.

Click on the Open button

Now you have successfully installed AirPlay on FireStick.

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Step 2: Download and install ExpressVPN on FireStick

  • Select the Search > Search The option is on the FireStick home screen in the menu bar.

ExpressVPN for Fire Stick

vpn for firestick

  • Click on the ExpressVPN icon in the next window.

Click ExpressVPN

  • Click download or Gets In the next window

Expressvpn Firestick

Step 3: Open ExpressVPN once you download it. Log in with your account.

Login VPN on Firestick

Step 4: Choose a server and click the Connect/Power button

Connect ExpressVPN on your Fire Stick

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How to AirPlay to FireStick using AirScreen

Now that you have the AirScreen app on your FireStick, the next step is to use it and cast AirPlay to your streaming device. We have listed the necessary steps for this. Please follow the instructions step by step to avoid confusion.

advice: Create a shortcut on the AirScreen home screen.

First, go back to Fire TV Home. Then press Three square Icon on the right side of the screen.

Fire stick applications

The list of apps and channels will load. Scroll down to AirScreen icon and click on it.


The application will download immediately.

Streaming on firestick

The welcome screen will appear first. He presses Complete moving forward.

Click on the Continue button

Then press Sure button when the Connect a Device screen appears.

Click on the confirm button

Click on Close (X) button when the Start screen appears.

Airplay app for firestick

The AirScreen main menu will open. The AS-AFTSS icon in the center of the screen is the name of the connection.

How to stream on firestick

Now, open Control Center on your iPhone by swiping down from the top of the screen. Then press Two triangles or screen reflection button.

Fire TV broadcast

All available devices for screen mirroring will appear. He chooses AS-AFSS [AirPlay] Of options.

Streaming on Amazon Firestick

A small white mark will appear next to the selected device. This means that a connection has been established between your iPhone and FireStick.

Streaming to firestick

The screen will now start mirroring on your Fire TV. You can view some options, such as: Duplicate screen, audio, video, And more at the bottom of the screen. Use them to customize mirroring options.

Broadcast on fire stick

AirScreen Overview

AirScreen is a useful option if you like Apple’s AirPlay feature. It allows non-Apple users to enjoy the feature on their smart devices. Here’s a short overview of AirScreen.

Open the AirScreen app and tap Media browser Icon at the bottom of the Home tab. It will display all available video and audio recordings and more.

AirScreen on Fire Stick

Next, select buying Icon from the side menu Here you can purchase additional features and benefits in Pro. AirScreen offers monthly, annual, and one-time payment plans. You can choose the option that suits your needs.

Select the purchase icon

Locate Settings Icon to change the app, such as name, AirPlay, Cast, Proxy Server, and more.

Select the settings icon

The last section in the side menu is “Help”. Click on A question mark icon to open it. The menu helps you learn how to share things from your device to the big screen.

How to send broadcast to fire stick

common questions

Why doesn’t FireStick natively support AirPlay?

Well, FireStick does not natively support AirPlay as it runs on FireOS. The operating system is based on the Android platform and supports Android-based screen sharing options. However, you can get apps like AirScreen to use the AirPlay feature on your streaming device.

Is AirScreen free?

Yes, AirScreen offers a free version for users. However, it has limited features, and to unleash the full potential of the app, you must get the paid version of AirScreen.

Final words

This guide taught you how to cast AirPlay to FireStick via AirScreen app. AirPlay is one of the useful features of the Apple ecosystem that allows you to project your device’s screen directly to other devices. Fortunately, AirScreen lets you do the same thing with non-Apple devices as well. Tell us how much you like watching videos saved on your phone on the big screen below.


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