How to Install Diablo Kodi Build on FireStick & Any Device

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This guide will show you how to install Diablo Kodi Build on your device. The steps described here apply to all Kodi-compatible devices and operating systems, such as computers, smartphones, Linux, and FireStick. I will also go over the Build features and safety and give you an overview of the Diablo Kodi Addon.

How to install Diablo Kodi build

What is the Diablo Kodi build?

Diablo Kodi Build is located in the Narcacist Repository and contains many Builds another. Some of the best features of Diablo Kodi Build include SR Debread Integration, kit Video add-onsExcellent navigation and great user interface.

The Build offers movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries, kids content and just a click away. It also has a search option that makes things easier for users. The settings option for the build is completely navigable. It also allows you to connect to live TV. You can explore more about Build once you install it.


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Is Diablo Kodi build safe?

Diablo Kodi Build is hosted in an unofficial third-party repository. Hence, I cannot assure you of the safety of this version because I do not have the tools to check it.

I ran a virus scan of the repository’s source URL and found that 1 out of 88 security vendors had already flagged the link as malicious. Although 87 sellers agreed, the red flag is still worrying. Therefore, I advise you to be careful and ensure that your device is properly protected.

Is Diablo Kodi build safe?

Is Diablo Kodi build legal?

An unofficial Kodi Build can land you in legal trouble for hosted content. Diablo Build is also one of these unofficial releases, and I can’t say how legitimate this one is due to lack of resources.

I do not encourage piracy. However, you can avoid legal hassles by using a reliable VPN service. I personally was using ExpressVPN. It keeps the identity of the device anonymous and ensures safety from legal aspects.

How to install Diablo Kodi build

The steps to install Diablo Kodi Build are divided into five parts:

  1. Allow unknown sources.
  2. Add repository link.
  3. Installing the source repository
  4. installation Asgard teamWhich hosts Diablo Build.
  5. Diablo Kodi build installation.

I have attached screenshots of each step to make the process easier.

Part 1: Allow unknown sources

The first step is to allow unknown sources. Here are the steps:

1. tap on Settings or Gear sign On the Kodi home screen.

How to install Diablo Kodi build

2. He chooses System.

Kodi system

3. Highlight Extras On the left panel of the screen then Allow Unknown sources.

Enable unknown sources

4. Click Yes In the prompt box and return to the main screen.

Build Diablo Kodi

Part 2: Add repository link

In this section, we will add the repository URL.

1. Click Settings.

Kodi settings

2. He chooses files manager.

Kodi file manager

3. He chooses Add the source Or double-click it if you are installing the version on a computer.

Click Add Source

4. Click <لا شيء>.

Build Diablo Kodi

5. Enter the repository source link And click Yes.

Disclaimer: FireStickHow is not affiliated with the repository developers.

Enter the repo link

6. Click in Enter a name Box.

Build Diablo

7. Give the correct name of the source. I have used Diablo build repo.

Enter the name of the media source

8. Click Yes.

Click OK button

9. Just check if the name appears here and then return to the home screen.

Select the source name

Part 3: Install the repository

We will install the repository in this section.

1. Click Settings.

Kodi settings

2. He chooses Extras.

Kodi add-ons

3. He chooses Installation from zip file.

Installation from zip file

4. Click on the source URL you named. I made my decision Diablo build repo.

Diablo build repo

5. Choose the link repository.NarcacistWizard-xxxzip And wait on the screen for a few seconds. An installation prompt will appear in the upper right corner of the screen showing that Narcacist Repository has been installed.

Narcissistic therapist repo

6. Return to the home screen when you see this notification (as in the screenshot).

Narcissist Therapist Repository addon installed

Part 4: Team Asgard Installation for Diablo Build

In this part, we’ll be installing the Asgard team, which hosts the Diablo Build.

1. Click Settings On the home screen.

2. He chooses Extras.

Kodi add-ons

3. He chooses Install from repository.

Install from repository

4. He chooses Narcissistic therapist warehouse.

Narcissistic therapist warehouse

5. He chooses Program add-ons From inside the narcissist’s warehouse.

Program add-ons

6. He chooses Asgard team.

Asgard team

7. Click Steady. Wait a few seconds on the screen. An installation success message will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on the install button

8. Wait on the screen until after you see Successful installation of the Asgard team Prompt (as shown in the picture).

The Asgard Team addon has been installed

9. A selection box will appear on the screen. For a demo, I selected the check box for each option. It is optional for you. Click Complete moving forward.

Click on the Continue button

10. On the next screen, select Narcissistic therapist warehouse.

Identify the narcissist's therapist repository

11. Click to Complete, As shown in the screenshot below.

Build Diablo

12. He chooses asgard team, You will be redirected to the Asgard Team home screen.

Select the Asgard team

Part 5: Installing Diablo Kodi Build

This is the final step of installation. It will take another 5 minutes, maximum.

1. He chooses Asgard team In the upper left corner of the screen.

Asgard team

2. From the menu under Asgard Team, select Diablo.

NB: Make sure which version of Kodi your device is using before choosing Diablo. It has different links for Kodi 20 and Kodi 19. Select Diablo Build from the list of Kodi builds depending on which version your device is using.

Select Diablo

3. He chooses Yes, install.

Click on Yes, install button

4. Installation may take a minute or more, depending on your device’s Internet speed. Wait on the screen and do not press anything.

Build Diablo

5. Stay on the screen until you receive a prompt to force close Kodi. Don’t click anywhere.

Build Diablo

6. He chooses Yes to Force close Kodi.

Click OK button

7. He chooses Yes To close Kodi.

Diablo build for Kodi

You will have to restart Kodi to use the newly installed Diablo Build.

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Diablo Kodi Build Overview

Diablo Kodi Build’s interface is attractive yet simple. The main screen of the build looks like the following screenshot:

Diablo Kodi build home screen

The home screen shows you the day, date, and time, which are essential features not available on the standard Kodi interface. You can also find Search, One-Click, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Documents, and Kids sections on the home screen.

One of the main features that Diablo Build offers is Real-Debrid integration. I will quickly show you how to integrate Real-Debrid into your Diablo Kodi Build.

How to access the Real-Debrid setting option

integration Real-Debrid with construction Enhances your streaming experience and saves a lot of data and time. It can help you stream content that is not easily available on all streaming platforms. Here’s how to activate Real-Debrid from Diablo Kodi Build Settings.

1. From the Diablo Build home screen, use… Arrow keys To move right in System. Under System, click RESOLVEURL.

Select the solution

2. Highlight Global solution 2 in the left panel of the screen, then click (re)authorize my account, A pop-up window will appear.

(Re)authorize my account

3. Visit the link mentioned on the screen, and when you are asked to enter the code, use the code on your screen.

Real debrid license code

4. In your device’s browser, open the link And enter the code in the box below. Then click on Complete.

How to install Diablo Kodi build

Real-Debrid will be integrated into Kodi, and you can enjoy Diablo Build better. Finally, I would like to reiterate that using a reliable VPN service e.g ExpressVPN It can help you keep your device anonymous and protected.


I hope this article on How to Install Diablo Kodi Build was helpful. If there is anything else you would like to know about the build or Kodi in general, you can write below in the comments section, and I will provide you with the relevant information.


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