How to Install & Use TDUK App Killer on FireStick

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This article explains how to install and use TDUK App Killer on FireStick. The instructions in this guide apply to all Amazon Fire TV devices, such as FireStick, FireTV, FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K, and 4K Max.

How to install and use TDUK App Killer

What is TDUK App Killer?

TDUK App Killer is an official app designed to help you stop apps running in the background. This includes programs that are not shut down for quick access again and applications that are automatically launched by the device.

These apps drain internal storage space, cause cache overruns, and can ultimately affect your device’s processing speed. This app is available for $1.99 on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. It allows you to close unnecessary background apps with just one click.

The application is similar to Fast task killer. However, TDUK is on the Amazon store and is paid, while Fast Task Killer is a third-party app and is free.

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Features of the deadly TDUK application

Here are the top features of TDUK App Killer:

  • 1-Click the command: TDUK App Killer is compatible with all apps and hence, stops them with just one click.
  • Improves device speed: It features a high memory release rate, thus significantly improving processing speed.
  • No ads: You can use TDUK App Killer without being bothered by ads.
  • easy to use: It’s easy to configure the app’s settings for use on FireStick devices.

How to install TDUK App Killer on FireStick

TDUK App Killer can be found on the Amazon App Store. Here’s how to install it on all Fire TV devices in 8 easy steps:

1. Visit the FireStick home page and select Search for (magnifying glass icon) From the left side of the screen.

How to install TDUK App Killer on FireStick

2. From the screen, highlight seek roadblock.

Click on the search bar

3. Now, use the app keyboard to type App Killer, then select Killer app From the search results.

App killer

4. Different tiles will appear on the screen. Click on Killer app From the left.

Select the killer app

5. The cost of downloading TDUK App Killer is $1.99 USD or 199 Amazon Coins. Your current cryptocurrency balance will be displayed on the screen. You need to specify shopping cart Icon to purchase the app.

TDUK killer app

6. The app allows you to recharge more Amazon Coins to your account. You can also pay directly for TDUK App Killer by clicking on Buy for $1.99.

NB: You must have linked your payment method to your Amazon account to complete your purchase.

Firestick tduk killer app

7. Once you purchase the app, tap the download arrow. Loading Indicates the beginning of the installation.

Download the killer app

8. The process will take a few seconds. You will see then Opens A button indicates successful installation. You will also notice a Going now The button in the lower right corner, which you can click to access the application.

Click on the Open button

Congratulations! You have installed TDUK App Killer on your FireStick.

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ExpressVPN for Fire Stick

vpn for firestick

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Click ExpressVPN

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Expressvpn Firestick

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Login VPN on Firestick

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Connect ExpressVPN on your Fire Stick

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How to Use TDUK App Killer on FireStick?

Now that you have installed TDUK App Killer, here is a step-by-step guide to help you use it on FireStick. After downloading the application, Create a shortcut on the home screen For easy access.

On the FireStick home screen, locate Applications and channels Icon on the right side, next to the Settings icon.

Fire stick applications

Hover over Killer app. release TDUK killer app.

TDUK killer app

a Generate an RSA key pair The notification will appear on the screen.

Generate an RSA key pair

After a few seconds, a new RSA key pair will be generated. Click Yes moving forward.

Click OK button

First you need to optimize some settings to use App Killer on Fire TV. First you need to enable ADB debugging. To do this, go to the device SettingsMy TV is on fireDeveloper options. Locate Correction of ADB errors And turn it on. To get started, select Connect to this device via ADB.

NB: If the application fails to connect even after enabling ADB debugging, press the exit button and reopen the application.

Select Connect to this device via ADB

The application will now confirm whether you want to allow USB debugging. He chooses Always allow from this computer option, then press Yes.

Select Always allow from this computer

Once this process is completed successfully, “Connected” will appear on the home screen. His job Keep VPN/Utility/Launcher apps live for further optimization.

Killer app for firestick

From the same screen, choose Now Force stop all apps. This will help stop all apps running in the background.

Choose Force Stop All Apps

App Killer will show you the total number of closed apps at the bottom of the screen. To check which background apps are currently running, select Calculate total running background applications.

Specify the total number of running background apps

As a result, the total number of apps running in the background will be visible on the screen.

How to install TDUK App Killer on FireStick

common questions

Is TDUK App Killer legal and safe?

TDUK App Killer is available on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store, and it is completely legal to install and use on FireStick. Moreover, the app does not have any safety risks.

Why is TDUK App Killer not working on my FireStick?

An app may stop working or loading on FireStick due to cache overload, crash, or other reasons. If you are having difficulty using TDUK App Killer on FireStick after successful installation, the following tips can help solve the problem:

  • Enable ADB debugging (or disable and enable) to connect the application to the device.
  • Close the application and reopen it.
  • Try Restart your device.

Should I enable the Keep VPN/Utility/Launcher Apps Alive option?

Yes, you should enable the Keep VPN/Utility/Launcher Apps Alive option, as closing some background apps can interfere with your Fire TV device working properly.

Final words

I hope this article serves as a useful guide on installing and using TDUK App Killer on FireStick. Considering how background apps affect processing power, TDUK App Killer seems to be a good option for all Fire TV owners.


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