Best Indoor TV Aerial For Freeview In 2023

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Do I need a special antenna for Ultra HD (4K)?

4K (or ultra-high definition) content is becoming more popular, especially on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video. You get better image quality (at a higher resolution than usual). High accuracy), and everything looks bright and clear.

Unfortunately, 4K content is not available on Freeview. In 2018, The BBC ran a trial with some 4K content On iPlayer – some sports matches, The second blue planet And Breeds.

Those experiences seemed amazing, but those experiences come and go, and for now you can only watch A few BBC 4K programmes – Mostly natural shows and some high-level dramas.

4k Ultra HD 700 TV screen

The BBC is promising more experiences to come – and hopefully, at some point, we’ll get a steady stream of 4K content from the BBC – but we’re not there yet.

However, remember that at the moment, 4K content is only available on demand (on BBC iPlayer, via broadband) and is not broadcast over the airwaves – so your TV antenna is not needed for 4K stuff.

Additionally, if you want to watch 4K content, you’ll need a special Freeview Box that supports 4K resolution – Like the Manhattan T3-R, Or a 4K streaming device.

However, it is important to keep in mind that all internal antennas support both Full HD and 4K.

Some antennas boast 4K reception in their marketing – that’s right, they have it – but so do all the other antennas from recent years, even if they don’t make it clear.

More importantly – as mentioned earlier, there is currently no 4K content being transmitted over the air at all, so you can safely ignore this aspect of in-air marketing for now.

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