It’s Official: BT TV Users To Be Migrated To EE Next Month

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With the BT TV overhaul on the horizon, customers are now being alerted to the upcoming move to EE TV, and the start date for this migration has now been set.

We can confirm that the switch to EE TV has been scheduled December 6, 2023signaling a new chapter for existing BT TV subscribers.

This change is intended to be a live update for customers, with the promise of maintaining current service levels, prices and available content.

However, it is important to clarify that this rebranding will not coincide with the launch of the new Apple TV-based service, which is expected to roll out in the following months.

Read ahead to find out everything BT TV customers need to know before this migration.

Why does BT TV change to EE TV?

Last month, EE (owned by BT) She announced her intention To expand its services to broadband, gaming and TV platforms, and integrate with Apple TV 4K for a new, simplified Freeview and streaming experience.

EE's TV poster event

The initiative is a continuation of BT’s 2022 announcement to reposition EE as its primary consumer-facing brand for broadband, TV and mobile services.

EE TV’s upcoming Apple TV offering is expected to be a significant addition to the service’s capabilities.

This integration will allow EE TV customers to access their service through the Apple TV 4K device, which will be branded specifically for EE.

EE TV Apple TV 4K
EE TV Apple TV 4K

The device will be pre-loaded with the EE TV app, which is set to combine live streaming Free channels With on-demand content from major broadcasters, all broadcast over broadband.

This means customers will have the convenience of live and streaming TV at their fingertips, without the need for a traditional antenna setup.

Customers will receive an EE-branded Apple TV remote, creating a cohesive user experience that aligns with the EE ecosystem. The integration is designed to be easy to use, and aims to provide a seamless transition for customers who are accustomed to the BT TV service.

Naturally, the Apple TV box will also support all the usual streaming apps – from the major UK broadcasters, as well as global streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+.

However, EE TV will also continue to offer the TV 4K Pro Box (and its mini variant), which is currently used by BT TV customers.

EE TV Box Pro

The Pro box also supports Freeview-over-broadband (It’s called “online mode”), in addition to the recording function.

One disappointing factor is that it’s the opposite Skystream device – which works with every broadband service – EE TV will still be linked to EE’s broadband, similar to BT TV’s current offering.

BT TV customers are migrating to EE TV

For current BT TV subscribers, the upcoming change means that from 6 December, their service will automatically be updated to reflect the EE TV branding (and EE TV billing).

This process is designed to be automatic and seamless, requiring no action on the customer’s part.

BT has assured us that the functionality of the service – any recordings you currently have on the Pro box – and the price – will not be affected by this change (at least as long as you stay on the same contract).

BT TV Boxes
Existing BT TV boxes

As previously mentioned, while the rebranding to EE TV will take place in December, the new features, including the Apple TV-based service, will not be introduced at the same time.

It is expected to be rolled out in the months following the initial rebranding.

In terms of new subscribers, it’s currently unclear whether BT TV will stop accepting new customers from 6 December, and instead direct them to EE’s upcoming service, which will include a brand new EE Pro 4K box (but won’t include the Apple TV option – Until now). .

EE TV Box Mini
EE TV Box Mini

As of this writing, EE TV is not yet open to new subscribers, and BT TV is definitely accepting new subscribers On long-term contracts – but customers who join today will likely be rolled over to EE TV on December 6.

As we get closer to the porting date, it’s clear that EE is looking to build on BT’s existing TV service offerings, with Apple TV 4K integration being a key aspect of its future plans.

However, the full details and capabilities of EE TV will only become clear once the new features are launched and the service starts operating under its new brand identity.

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