BT TV Slashes TNT Sports Price To £1 In Black Friday Deal

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BT TV is back with this year’s Black Friday deals – and this time, with a huge price cut on the TNT Sports package, offering a tempting deal for sports fans.

BT’s TV platform, linked to the company’s broadband offering, comes with a 4K Freeview recorder/streamer, and a flexible range of content packages.

Sports fans are the main winners this year, with BT TV delivering Sports packagewhich includes TNT Sports for just £1 per month.

However… yes, there’s a catch: the cost is just £1 per month for the first three months, but then it goes back to the regular price (with a 24-month contract).

It still saves some money in the short term, but we’ve seen better offers from BT in the past.

It is also discounted Great sports packagewhich includes both TNT Sports and Sky Sports, in addition to VIP packagewhich includes sports as well as entertainment (from Sky), NOW Cinema (also from Sky), and Netflix.

BT TV Entertainment Pack

Oddly enough, there are no deals at all in the entertainment bundle (which includes Netflix and Sky’s NOW Entertainment), but hopefully that will change as we get closer to Black Friday itself.

Although these deals are somewhat disappointing, compared to last year, they are still beneficial to some customers. BT also appears to be focusing on broadband deals this time around, with three free months of broadband.

Read ahead for all the details and my analysis.

Explanation of the BT TV platform

BT TV’s offering is currently based on the 4K Pro Box, Which the company launched in 2021.

BT TV Box Pro with Remote Control
BT Box Pro

The box is a 4K/HDR YouView-based device with streaming apps and plenty of storage for Freeview recordings.

It supports Dolby Atmos audio, has 4 tuners (so you can record up to three shows on separate channels and watch a fourth), 1TB of storage, a Bluetooth remote, and WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.

The BT TV Box Pro also supports a fair number of streaming apps – Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, NOW, Discovery+ and more, as well as all the standard streaming apps – BBC iPlayer, ITVX, Channel 4, My5, UKTV Play, S4C, STV Player and BBC Voices BC.

Although it is not as comprehensive as standalone streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV Sticks Or Roku (there are a few key apps that are still missing – like Disney+) – the BT box includes most of the important apps.

BT Lifestyle TV

As well as streaming apps, you can use the BT device to watch some (but not all) Freeview channels without an antenna – and even record programs from those channels to its internal hard drive, which is both Sky Glass / Skystream And Virgin Stream Fund I can not do.

It is worth noting that BT Now Prevent skipping ads on ITV channelswhen in online mode – even if you have recorded content – something that has been met with frustration by many customers.

For those who want to watch in more rooms – BT also offers the BT TV Mini Box, which includes the same streaming apps and the ability to stream Freeview channels over broadband. But the small box does not have any recording capabilities.

BT TV Boxes
BT TV Boxes

BT’s ‘flexible’ TV packages are bundled with BT’s broadband plans (so you can’t get BT TV on its own).

It’s also important to note again that BT TV packages, when combined with BT’s broadband, require a 24-month contract, which limits flexibility compared to standard streaming services.

The “flexible” part in the name comes from the ability to change your TV package every 30 days – switch from entertainment to sports, cancel one package and add another, or get a VIP package that includes everything (but you can’t cancel) your entire TV contract until Your original contract expires.)

However, if you (in the future) switch from any of the discounted packages, you will likely not be able to take them back at the current discounted price – so be careful if you choose to do so while you are still under contract.

It’s also worth noting that BT is transferring its TV business to EE (also owned by BT). So, in December, the menu BT TV customers will be switched to EE TV.

ETV Box Pro
TV Box Pro – coming soon from EE

But, other than the new name, you won’t see any changes, as your bill will remain the same, and the way the funds work will remain the same as well.

Within a few months, EE TV is planning to introduce a completely new package – which will be based on the Apple TV 4K – but we’ll have to wait until 2024 for that.

Black Friday deals on BT TV

From now until November 16 (Although they may save some offers until the end of the month), you can get some BT TV plans at a discount.

The main deal is certainly eye-catching: BT TV’s sports package, in the abstract £1 per month.

But there’s a problem – this price is for the first three months only, and after that it moves on £18 per month For the remainder of the contract for 24 months.

Sports package Includes:

  • All four TNT sports channels
  • Eurosport 1 and 2
  • Discover+ (Premium – which also includes streaming versions of Eurosport And TNT Sports)
  • BT TV 4K Pro box

This short-term saving is an attraction for new customers, but the subsequent price increase is something to consider for those looking for a long-term deal.

Plus, the one-off activation fee is waived – saving £30-£40 (they keep changing the upfront fee for some reason).

TNT Sports announcers on TV

For those who want more comprehensive sports coverage,… Great sports packagewhich includes both TNT Sports and Sky Sports, is being offered at a discounted price of £35 per month, down from the usual price of £43.

This deal lasts for the full 24 months, providing more consistent savings over the long term.

The most comprehensive package, VIP packageIt also saw a decline in prices. VIP package includes:

  • now leisure membership, Which includes Sky TV channels such as Sky Atlantic and Sky Max.
  • Cinema membership now Which includes Sky movie channels live and on demand
  • Now push Which adds Full HD (1080p) resolution and removes ads from on-demand content.
  • Netflix Standard plan (Not the basic version! This is the full HD version with no ads)
  • All four TNT sports channels
  • Eurosport 1 and 2
  • Now Sky Sports (With all 11 Sky Sports channels)
  • Discover+ (Premium – which also includes streaming versions of Eurosport And TNT Sports)
  • BT TV 4K Pro box (which lets you watch Freeview over broadband)

You can now get this package for £60 per month (instead of £76 per month), for the full term of your contract – 24 months – and with no upfront fees.

This represents a discount of £414 Over the course of the two years (if you also count the upfront fee waiver).

You also have to remember that – as with most pay TV and broadband companies these days – prices may change over the life of the contract, in line with inflation, each year.

BT Black Friday Broadband Deals

Customers who aren’t yet signed up to BT broadband can get discounts on most BT broadband plans too – i.e. they can get three free months of broadband, depending on the speed you choose.

BT Smart Hub Administrator
BT’s Broadband Smart Hub

So, if you combine the offers, you can get three months of broadband and a sports package (with TNT Sports) for just £1 per month, for the first three months.

It’s difficult to compare broadband prices and offers directly, since prices often depend on your location and the type of plans and speeds you can get, so it’s best to check the full list of broadband offers BT’s Black Friday broadband deals are here.

Are BT’s Black Friday deals good?

When compared to previous BT TV promotions, this Black Friday offer looks less generous.

In the past, BT TV has offered the Sports package at just £1 per month for a longer period of six months, which undoubtedly offers greater value. Downgrading to a three-month offer may not sit well with those who are aware of these previous deals.

If you look at the standalone Discovery+ Premium streaming subscription, which includes TNT Sports and Eurosport – it costs £29.99 – so of course, if you’re a TNT Sports fan, get it for £1 a month for 3 months, then £18 a month for the rest ( Along with Discovery+ and Eurosport) it’s still a good deal.

Discovery Plus levels with TNT Sports Premium
Discovery + independent levels

When compared to TNT Sports on other platforms, it’s also worth noting that you get a 4K Pro box as well – which is a full-featured Freeview and streaming box (but it’s a loan – you have to return the box if you leave BT).

It is also a good price compared to TNT Sports price on Skystream – It is currently priced at £28 per month (but… Sky is offering its own range of Black Friday deals -So check them out too).

Virgin Media recently TNT Sports has been removed from traditional TV packages – So it will now cost extra for new Virgin Media subscribers.

However, Virgin Media probably has the best live streaming offer on TNT Sports that you can currently get TNT Sports for just £10 per month (But only with Virgin Media’s broadband and range Stream box).

Best discount: BT VIP package

If you want to maximize your discounts, the BT TV VIP Bundle – which isn’t discounted very often – offers the best value at the current price of £60 per month and no upfront fees.

But, as always, my main issue is that you’re locking yourself into BT for 24 months – which is something to consider.

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