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This post guides you on how to fix Kodi not working. I will discuss common issues with Kodi and how to solve them. Read on to discover the solution that will solve your Kodi problem best.

How to fix Kodi not working

Are you having problems with Kodi? Kodi is an excellent media player for playing local content and streaming shows, music, movies, and sports online. However, like most applications, it faces problems. These issues may arise from data accumulation, application errors, corrupt add-ons, or server issues. Other times, the problem may be your device or your Internet connection.

Whether you use Kodi on FireStick Or any other device, you may encounter problems.

Fortunately, most Kodi problems are easy to fix. If you are wondering how to fix Kodi not working issue, stay with me to learn how to solve common problems.


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is reading: How to install and use the best VPN for Kodi.

How to fix Kodi not working

In general, Kodi issues can be categorized into two types: server-related issues and local issues.

Local problems are easy to solve because the problem is superficial.

However, server-related issues are difficult to fix unless you are an expert or get help from Kodi or add-on developers. For the latter, the most you can do is look for ways around the problem or wait for the developers to fix it.

Let’s discuss common Kodi problems and how to solve them.

Common Kodi issues and how to fix them

Here are the common problems people face while using Kodi and how to fix them.

1. Kodi is not working at all

It’s one thing to have issues with Kodi, like no streams or buffering available, but it’s another thing for the app to stop working completely. Think of an example where you start the app, and it loads a black screen, or Kodi can’t connect to the Internet. When this happens, the most common cause is throttling by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Your ISP can throttle your bandwidth to slow down or block your Internet connection when you use certain sites and applications. If they think you are using Kodi to stream content or stream videos that require a lot of bandwidth, they will interfere with your internet connection when using Kodi.

To bypass throttling and stream smoothly on Kodi, use a VPN for Kodi. A VPN will hide your streaming activity from your ISP, and they won’t know if you’re using Kodi or not.

I highly recommend ExpressVPN Because it is fast and protects your privacy. It has military-grade encryption, multiple VPN protocols, and DNS protection.

2. Kodi constantly freezes/hangs

Frequent Kodi crashes or the app stopping mid-stream is frustrating. It ruins your streaming experience. But what causes Kodi frequent crashes and freezes?

A common cause of Kodi crashes is using an outdated version. Kodi developers are constantly working on improving the app and releasing the latest versions. If you are using an old version, update to the latest version to fix crashes and freezes.

As of this writing, the latest version is Kodi 20.2. If you don’t know your Kodi version, follow the steps below to confirm:

1. From the Kodi home screen, click Settings.

How to fix Kodi not working

2. He chooses system information.

Select System Information

3. You’ll see your Kodi version under Version Info under the Kodi version summary to divide. For example, Kodi Build 20.1 (20.1.0).

How to fix the error in Kodi

Unfortunately, updating Kodi from within the app is difficult, especially on Android and Windows devices. However, it is possible that Update Kodi on FireStick without data loss.

3. Buffering issues on Kodi

Are you trying to stream a movie, TV show, music video, or live sports, but Kodi keeps buffering? Follow our separate guide on How to fix buffering on Kodi.

You can resolve the buffering issue in several ways to restore a smooth streaming experience. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Using a VPN for Kodi.
  • Choose a different streaming link, likely a lower resolution.
  • Check your internet speed.
  • Make sure your streaming source is working properly in support groups, Kodi forums, or search engines like Google.
  • Use Kodi maintenance and diagnostic tools like Ares Wizard to optimize cache.

4. Kodi repository, addon or build not working

a Store It is a library where you can find builds and add-ons for Kodi. Kodi has an official repository where you can install official builds and add-ons. This repo rarely crashes or stops working.

However, third-party repositories encounter issues all the time, as do releases and add-ons hosted on them. There are various reasons why Kodi repositories, add-ons, and builds may not work, including the following:

  • Server problem
  • Abandoned by developers for legal reasons
  • Bugs and viruses

Before resolving issues with a repository, add-on, or release, check online to see if other people have similar issues. If other people report similar crashes, the problem is with the servers, and there’s not much you can do about it.

If others aren’t experiencing these issues, it may be your device, your internet connection, or another local issue. To fix issues with your Kodi repository, add-on, or build, uninstall it, then reinstall it.

Uninstalling and reinstalling will erase all data but should solve your problem. If not, forget the repository, build or add, and install a replacement.

Here is a list Kodi add-ons And Cody builds That works smoothly with minimal problems.

5. Kodi says there are no streams available

Isn’t it frustrating when you set up Kodi, search for a movie or sporting event you want to watch, and when you sit down comfortably to stream it, you get a “No streams available” error message?

Well, there are different reasons for this problem. They include using an outdated extension, ISP restriction, cache build-up, faulty internet connection, and unavailable sources.

The following solutions should fix the issue of unavailable streams on Kodi:

  • Update the addon or use an alternative with available sources
  • Use Kodi VPN
  • Clear Kodi cache
  • Fix your internet connection
  • Update or restore Kodi to default settings

6. Kodi finds streams, but they won’t play

There are several reasons why Kodi streams may not play. The most common ones are faulty internet connection, using an outdated addon, and accessing streams from geo-blocked add-ons.

Add-ons like Netflix and BBC iPlayer will block your streams if you try to access content that’s not available in your region. To fix this issue, try the following solutions:

  • Make sure your internet connection is stable
  • Use a different, more stable accessory
  • Use a VPN for Kodi to bypass geo-blocking

7. Kodi cannot install add-ons

Have you tried installing an extension, but all you see is a “Failed to install dependency” error? This is a common problem with Kodi, especially with unpopular third-party add-ons.

If you found a new addon and tried to install it on Kodi without success, the reason could be the following:

  • The addon is offline, has been deleted, or has been moved to another repository.
  • The addon contains uninstalled dependencies that are necessary for the addon to function.
  • The available addon is not compatible with the Kodi version.

Most of the time, when a Kodi addon cannot be installed, the problem is with the servers, dependencies, and developer actions. In such a scenario, there is not much you can do.

The best thing you can do is to install an alternative extension while waiting for the developers of the other extension to fix the problem.

8. Search function not working on Kodi addon

Kodi does not host its content, unlike most apps. Instead, it relies on add-ons that let you search for content, fetch available online links, and leverage them on Kodi for streaming. For this reason, it is very important that the search function does not work in the extension.

Unfortunately, this is a server issue, and only the add-on developer can fix it. If you see others having the same issue and report it on the forums, wait and see if the developer fixes it.

9. Kodi won’t launch

If the Kodi app won’t open on your device, there’s something wrong with the app, its compatibility with your device, add-on, or version. There are different ways to fix the problem, depending on the root cause.

These fixes include clearing Kodi cache and data, uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Follow the steps below to clear Kodi cache when app won’t open on FireStick:

1. tap on Settings Icon on the FireStick home screen.

Fire stick settings

2. He chooses Applications.

Select applications

3. Click Manage installed applications.

Click Manage installed applications

4. Scroll down the apps to find them Cody. Select it.

Kodi is not working

5. He chooses Clear cache.

How to fix the error in Kodi

6. If clearing the cache does not resolve the issue, follow the same process but select Clear data Instead of clearing the cache.

How to fix Kodi not working

If that doesn’t solve the problem, your last resort is to uninstall and reinstall Kodi. Clearing data and uninstalling Kodi will erase all data, so you will lose your settings, versions, and add-ons.

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I hope this guide has taught you how to fix Kodi not working issue. Kodi is an excellent media player that lets you stream movies, TV shows, sports, music, and other content online. However, while using the app, you may face issues like app freezing when streaming a video, failure to install add-ons, buffering, and failure to play the stream. Fixing superficial issues like data backlog and cache is easy, but it becomes more difficult when the problem originates from the servers. Some successful fixes include clearing the cache, using a VPN for Kodi, updating Kodi to the latest version, and restoring Kodi default settings.


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