How to Reset FireStick to Factory Defaults [Easy & Safe Steps]

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In this tutorial I will show you how to reset your FireStick to factory defaults. The steps will work on all Fire TV streaming devices, including FireStick Lite, FireStick 3rd Gen, FireStick 4K Max, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

How to reset FireStick to factory defaults

Want to reset your FireStick to its default settings? Resetting your FireStick to factory settings is useful in many situations. This includes troubleshooting common issues, clearing storage space, or clearing data privacy when you abandon it.

Whatever the reason, resetting your Fire TV to factory defaults makes it new again. All data is lost, including Downloaded applicationsSettings and passwords, and you’re signed out of your Amazon account. For this reason, you should only reset your FireStick as a last resort or when it is indispensable.

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When to reset FireStick to factory defaults

You mentioned that the reset cleans the FireStick of all data, and you will need to set up the FireStick all over again. What situations require a factory reset of the Fire TV? Here are scenarios on when to reset your FireStick to factory defaults:

Slow fire stick

Various reasons may cause your Fire TV device to perform slowly. This includes too many apps running in the background, data, cache buildup, and aging. You can troubleshoot slow FireStick by Restart the device Clear data and cache.

When the issue persists even after troubleshooting, factory reset may be the best and last option. Factory reset noticeably speeds up performance.

FireStick is unresponsive

Is your Fire TV freezing, failing to detect the remote, stopping unexpectedly, or becoming unresponsive? Consider resetting it to factory defaults. Although various factors may contribute to FireStick being unresponsive, data buildup and cache top the list. When you clear data during the reset, your FireStick will most likely work smoothly.

Insufficient storage

Amazon FireStick is an amazing streaming device. However, one of its major drawbacks is limited space, with only 8GB for the sticks and 16GB for the Fire TV Cube. With so many apps to install to meet your content needs, you may run out of device space.

Insufficient space can cause various FireStick issues, such as buffering and inability to download apps. You can uninstall unused apps, but apps leave behind cached data and other system logs. The surefire way to fix FireStick low storage issue is to reset to factory defaults and set up the device again.

How to reset FireStick to factory defaults

There are two ways to reset FireStick to factory defaults. These include:

  1. Use the FireStick remote
  2. Using the Fire TV mobile app

Let us discuss the two methods below.

Method #1: How to reset FireStick to factory defaults using remote control

You can factory reset your Fire TV from the device settings using your remote. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Using your FireStick remote, click Settings On the Fire TV home screen.

How to reset FireStick to factory defaults

2. He chooses My TV is on fire In the settings window.

Select MyFire TV

3. In the My Fire TV window, scroll down and select Return to factory settings.

Factory reset

4. He chooses Re-Set To confirm that you want to factory reset your Fire TV device.

Select the Reset tab

You have successfully reset your device to factory defaults. Your login data and preferences will be lost. What if your FireStick is not responding or you can’t access the settings? In this case, you can use the back arrow and right arrow buttons on your remote to reset your device to factory defaults. However, make sure that the remote is working properly and is not related to the issues you are experiencing with your Fire TV device. Here are the steps to reset your FireStick to factory defaults using the back and right arrow buttons on the remote:

  1. With the FireStick on the home screen, press and hold the button Back and right Arrow buttons on your Fire TV remote. after 10-12 Seconds later, you will see a prompt to reset FireStick on the screen.
  2. Click Yes To reset your device.

Method #2: How to Reset FireStick to Factory Defaults Without Remote

If, for some reason, you can’t use your Fire TV remote to operate your FireStick, you can use the Fire TV mobile app. The app is available for Android and iOS users and works like a Fire TV remote. Follow the steps below to use the Fire TV app to reset your FireStick to factory defaults:

1. Open your app store and search for Amazon Fire TV.

How to reset fire stick

2. Click on Amazon Fire TV app.

Click on the Amazon Fire TV app

3. handle Steady.

Click on the install button

4. When the download is complete, tap Opens.

Click on the Open button

5. Launch the application and press your Fire TV.

Factory reset

6. You will see a Four-digit code On Fire TV. Enter this code into the field provided in the Fire TV app.

Reset firestick to factory settings

7. Once connected, press Settings equipment At the top left of the Fire TV app. The FireStick Settings window appears on the screen.

Fire stick settings

8. Using the down arrow, scroll to My TV is on fire And press the middle button to select it.

Select My Fire TV

9. Use the down arrow to scroll to Return to factory settings And choose it.

Factory reset

10. He chooses Re-Set For confirmation.

How to reset FireStick to factory defaults

Your FireStick will be reset to factory settings.

What happens after factory reset your FireStick?

Resetting your FireStick to factory defaults deletes all data, including your login information, downloaded apps, in-app purchases, and preferences. After the reset, what next? If you plan to use FireStick again, you must configure the device. Here are the steps to take to configure your Fire TV again after a factory reset:

Set up FireStick

You must sign in to FireStick with your Amazon account and set up the device. To get started, press the play/pause button on your Fire TV remote, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup. Here’s the breakdown A guide to setting up FireStick in five minutes:

Install official applications

Streaming apps are the backbone of Amazon FireStick. Reinstall your favorite apps to stream movies, TV shows, sports, music and live TV. You can start by downloading official apps from the Amazon App Store before jailbreaking the device. Refer to our list of Best FireStick Apps For ideas.

Jailbreak FireStick to download third party apps

You need to use third party applications and IPTV services To get the most out of your Fire TV device. These unofficial platforms offer free content, including live TV, sports, movies, and TV shows.

However, by default, FireStick does not allow installation of apps from unknown sources. To sideload these apps, you need to do this Jailbreak your FireStick. Jailbreaking means changing developer settings to allow app installation from unknown sources and downloading of apps using app downloaders. One of these applications is called the Downloader application. For more help downloading third-party apps on FireStick, see our guide on How to sideload applications.


We have talked about resetting FireStick to factory defaults from device settings using Fire TV Remote app and Fire TV mobile app. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.


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