Netflix Codes to Find Hidden Categories (November 2023)

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The following guide will provide an elaborate list of Netflix hidden codes for uncovering various Netflix libraries, categories, and genres. It will also describe ways to use the codes via a web browser or the app. 

Netflix Codes to Find Hidden Categories 

Table of Contents

What are Netflix Codes?

Netflix’s secret codes are practically a lifesaver for streamers. They help you uncover the deepest, darkest realms of Netflix to find hidden titles and underrated movies and shows.

You can also find pieces from various regions, cultures, and ethnicities, all in a few seconds. Sounds perfect, right?

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Uncovering the Secrets Behind Netflix Codes

Netflix codes are a short string of numeric letters that open various content categories and sections. These codes are available for all significant genres like Action, Comedy, Romance, Thrillers, Sports, Documentaries and more.

Similarly, you can also access categories like Teen TV Shows, Underdog Titles, Art House Movies, etc., using the dedicated secret codes.

Netflix has a vast content library with over 15,000 titles. Searching through every piece to find your preferred movies or TV shows is impossible. This is where secret codes come in. You can use a Netflix code to view all the content in a specific niche or genre.

For reference, the code 11146 will unveil all the titles available in the Anime Fantasy genre. Similarly, the code 52858 is for Epics.

Using Netflix’s secret codes is similar to diving into the hidden treasure trove of content. Viewing all your favorite titles under one section will make using Netflix fun. The platform doesn’t officially offer or endorse Netflix secret codes. So, keep that in mind.

Using the Netflix Codes

Netflix codes are straightforward to use. There are two ways to use them: Netflix App or a web browser.

We have described both methods to make it easy for the readers. However, if some codes don’t work, it may be due to regional blocks or geo-restrictions.

On Netflix App

You can use the Netflix secret codes via the official Netflix app if you have smart devices like Fire TVs, FireSticks, smart TVs, etc. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Netflix app (log in if you aren’t already).
  2. Then, access the Netflix Home menu and navigate to the Search menu.
  3. Open the Search menu and enter the Netflix secret code for your preferred category.
  4. For example, you can enter 2653 for viewing Anime fiction or 7700 to watch western movies.
  5. Enter done to view all the relevant results for the secret code.
  6. You can also add the preferred titles to your queue to watch them later.

On a Web Browser

If you don’t have a Netflix app, you can use the secret codes via a web browser. The steps are pretty straightforward. Here they are:

  1. First, access the official Netflix website using a web browser like Google, Safari, etc
  2. Then, paste the URL’ CODE’ in the browser address bar
  3. Before hitting enter, replace the ‘CODE’ with the actual secret code for your preferred Netflix category
  4. For reference, you can enter to view all the Anime dramas on Netflix
  5. Press enter and browse the list of available content

A Comprehensive List of Netflix Codes to Find Hidden Categories

There are over 4,000 Netflix codes to uncover the hidden genres, categories, and sections. So, naturally, keeping track of every code is next to impossible. Therefore, we have made the ultimate list of Netflix codes to find hidden categories.

The list is divided into two parts: Genre and Categories. Moreover, the codes are listed alphabetically to make browsing easy and quick.


Tons of genres are available on Netflix. It includes Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama, and more. We have categorized each genre and listed the available Netflix codes to find your favorite titles.

1. Anime

netflix anime

Anime or adult cartoons have been gaining popularity in recent years. Luckily, Netflix has a dedicated secret code, 1365, for anime content. Moreover, you can use the following codes to unveil more anime categories.

Anime Subcategories
  • 2653: Anime Action
  • 9302: Anime Comedy
  • 452: Anime Drama
  • 11146: Anime Fantasy
  • 3063: Anime Features
  • 10695: Anime Horror
  • 2729: Anime Sci-fi
  • 6721: Anime Series/ Shows

Death Note, Lookism, Castlevania, and Monster are popular Anime titles on Netflix. You can also utilize the secret codes for every anime category to explore the complete list.

2. Action & Adventure

Action & Adventure

Netflix offers Action & Adventure secret code to explore the popular movie genre. You can use 1365 to view the Action titles or follow the below-mentioned additional codes to view specific subcategories.

Action & Adventure Subcategories
  • 43040: Action Comedy
  • 1568: Action Sci-fi & Fantasy
  • 43048: Action Thriller
  • 7442: Adventure
  • 77232: Asian Adventure
  • 45676: Classic Action
  • 10118: Comic Book based & Superhero Titles
  • 9584: Crime Action
  • 11828: Foreign Action
  • 20541: Hijacking
  • 8985: Martial Arts Titles
  • 2125: Military Action & Adventure
  • 10702: Spy Action Movies
  • 7700: Western Movies

You can find popular Action and Adventure titles like Mission: Impossible, Wanted, Death Race, and more by following the above-mentioned secret codes.

3. Children & Family

Children & Family

Netflix offers a vast content library for young viewers and many family-based shows. The platform is open to all. Hence, the Children and family genre is accessible via the secret code 783. Want to explore more subcategories? Use these:

Children and Family Subcategories
  • 5507: Animal Tales
  • 67673: Disney Movies
  • 10659: Educational Titles
  • 51056: Family Features
  • 52843: Kids Music
  • 27346: Kids TV
  • 10056: Movies Based on Kids’ Books
  • 6796: Movies for ages 0 to 2
  • 6962: Movies for ages 11 to 12
  • 6218: Movies for ages 2 to 4
  • 5455: Movies for ages 5 to 7
  • 561: Movies for ages 8 to 10
  • 11177: Television cartoons

Are you ready to stream amazing family shows like The Baby-Sitter Club, Free Reign, and Anne with an E using the above-mentioned secret codes?

4. Classics

netflix codes classics

The 70s and 80s are usually considered the golden period for the entertainment world. So, Netflix has a separate Classical titles section to view the ‘Old but Gold’ titles like Dirty Harry and Blade Runner.

Use the code 31574 to view the complete list. Or, utilize the additional codes mentioned below.

Classics Subcategories
  • 46576: Classic Adventure
  • 31694: Classic Comedy
  • 29809: Classic Dramas
  • 32392: Classic Musical Comedy
  • 31273: Classic Romance
  • 47147: Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 46588: Classic Thriller Titles
  • 46553: Classic TV Shows
  • 48744: Classic War Films
  • 47465: Classic Westerns
  • 52858: Epics
  • 7687: Film Noir
  • 53310: Silent Movies

5. Comedy


Popular comedy movies like Daybreak, Kung Fu Panda, Little Man, and Ted have made a name among comedy lovers.

Fortunately, you can use the secret code 6548 to explore more such comedic reliefs. Or, utilize the following list for a category-based search.

Comedy Subcategories and Niches
  • 77213: Absurd Comedy
  • 43040: Action Comedy
  • 9302: Anime Comedy
  • 73649: Best Actress Oscar-Winning Comedies
  • 6853: Bill Murray Comedies
  • 31694: Classic Comedy
  • 10554: Comedy Movies Starring Chris Rock
  • 2801: Comedies Starring Jim Carrey  
  • 2898: Comedies Starring Martin Lawrence
  • 442: Comedies Starring Whoopi Goldberg     
  • 9434: Cult Comedy
  • 869: Dark Comedy
  • 4426: Foreign Comedy
  • 2351: Goofy Titles
  • 89585: Horror Comedy
  • 24229: Jack Black Comedies
  • 4195: Independent Comedy
  • 1402: Late Night Comedy
  • 7120: LGBTQ Comedy
  • 26: Mockumentaries
  • 13335: Musical Comedy
  • 2700: Political Comedy
  • 5475: Romantic Comedy
  • 4922: Satire
  • 10256: Slapstick Comedy
  • 9702: Screwball Comedy
  • 5286: Sports Comedy
  • 11559: Stand-Up Comedy
  • 3519: Teen Comedy
  • 2756: Tom Hanks Comedies  
  • 3816: Will Ferrell’s Comedy Movies

6. Cult


Cult classics like Clueless, Incantation, and Hostel: Part II are available on Netflix. Moreover, the dedicated secret code for Cult movies is 7627. You can further explore the genres via additional secret codes listed below.

Cult Subcategories
  • 8195: B-Horror Titles
  • 1252: Camp Titles
  • 9434: Cult Comedies
  • 10944: Cult Horror Titles
  • 4734: Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy  
  • 74652: Cult TV shows

7. Documentary

netflix codes documentaries

To watch an informative documentary on various topics, use the secret code 6839 on Netflix. The content is further categorized into various sections, as mentioned below.

Documentary Subcategories
  • 3652: Biographical Documentary
  • 9875: Crime Documentary  
  • 5161: Foreign Documentary
  • 5349: Historical Documentary
  • 4006: Military-centered Documentary
  • 90361: Music & Concert Documentary
  • 7018: Political Documentary
  • 10005: Religion-based Documentary  
  • 2595: Science & Nature Documentary
  • 3675: Social & Cultural Documentary
  • 2760: Spiritual Documentary
  • 180: Sports-based documentary
  • 1159: Travel & Adventure Documentary

Some thought-provoking documentaries on Netflix include Our Planet, Unsolved Mysteries, History 101, and Human Playground.

8. Drama


All your favorite dramas can be accessed via the Netflix secret code 5763. Moreover, you can also narrow down the search based on period pieces, romance dramas, biographical pieces, and more. Follow the list mentioned below to find secret codes for each subcategory.

Drama Subcategories
  • 11: Army Drama
  • 3179: Biographical Drama
  • 29809: Classical Drama
  • 2748: Courtroom Drama
  • 12123: Collection of Period Dramas
  • 6889: Crime Drama
  • 4961: Book-based Dramas
  • 3653: Dramas based on Real Life
  • 2150: International Drama
  • 500: LGBTQ Drama
  • 384: Independent Drama
  • 6616: Political Drama
  • 1255: Romance Drama 
  • 5012: Showbiz Drama
  • 3947: Social Issues-based Dramas
  • 7243: Sports Drama
  • 6384: The Tearjerkers
  • 9299: Teen Drama

Netflix is one of the top streaming platforms for movies and TV shows. You can find some jaw-dropping dramas like Better than Us, Godless, Glitch, and Vikings on the streaming platform.

9. Faith & Spirituality

Faith & Spirituality

For many people, nothing comes close to their Faith and Spirituality. Luckily, many unique titles like The Young Messiah, Miracles from Heaven, and Come Sunday are on Netflix. You can explore the genre by using the secret code 26835. Or use the ones mentioned below.

Faith and Spirituality Subcategories
  • 52804: Faith & Spirituality
  • 751423: Kids Faith & Spirituality
  • 10005: Religious Documentary
  • 2760: Spiritual Documentary
  • 81552046: Witchcraft and Dark Arts

10. Horror


Millions of Netflix users love the Horror genre. Movies like Shutter Island, The Nun, and Separation prove viewers enjoy a fear-inducing title.

To explore more horror titles, you can use the secret code 8711. Alternatively, follow these secret codes to view particular Horror subcategories.

Horror Subcategories
  • 8195: B-horror
  • 6895: Creature Features
  • 10944: Cult Horror
  • 45028: Deep Sea Horror
  • 8654: Foreign Horror
  • 89585: Comedic Horror
  • 4021: Goofy Horror
  • 947: Monster Movies
  • 6998: Satanic Movies
  • 8646: Serial Killer & Slasher
  • 42023: Survival
  • 52147: Teen Horror
  • 75804: Vampire Horror
  • 75930: Werewolf Horror
  • 75405: Zombie Horror

11. Justice


The Justice and Vindication genre is another popular category on Netflix. So, if you like watching Justice being served and criminals caught behind bars, use the codes below.

Justice Subcategories
  • 84343: Best Actor Oscar-Winning Political Drama
  • 15971: Cerebral Courtroom Drama
  • 11660: Reality-based Courtroom Drama
  • 48553: Courtroom TV Comedy
  • 9875: Crime Documentary
  • 6889: Crime Drama

The Netflix secret codes will let you enjoy many Justice and Vindication titles like Justice Served, Juvenile Justice, and more.

12. Musicals

netflix musicals codes

Now, who doesn’t love dancing along to Musicals and concerts? You can find excellent musical titles, concerts, and more on Netflix using the secret code 1701. Moreover, you can explore more musical genres by following the secret codes listed below.

Musicals Subcategories
  • 32392: Classical
  • 1105: Country & Western
  • 59433: Disney Musicals  
  • 10271: Jazz & Easy Listening
  • 52843: Kids Music
  • 10741: Latin Music
  • 13335: Musicals
  • 3278: Rock & Pop Concerts
  • 13573: Showbiz Musicals
  • 55774: Stage Musicals
  • 9472: Concerts involving Urban Music and Dance
  • 2856: Global Music Concerts

Mamma Mia, Shrek the Musical, and Opening Night are a few acclaimed Musical titles on Netflix.

13. Romance


Romantic movies and TV shows are among the top genres on Netflix. Some light romantic comedies or classic romance titles are perfect for a late-night streaming experience.

You can use the Netflix secret code 8883 to find more romance-based pieces. Moreover, the titles are further categorized into sections mentioned below.

Romance Subcategories
  • 3053870: Classic Romance
  • 36103: Quirky Romance
  • 5475: Reluctant Adults
  • 5475: Romantic Comedy
  • 1255: Romantic Dramas
  • 502675: Romantic Favorites
  • 7153: Romantic Foreign Films
  • 9916: Romantic Independent Movies
  • 81572628: Spicy Romance  
  • 35800: Steamy Romance
  • 81582488: Swipe Right

Set It Up, Along for the Ride, When We First Met, and Our Souls at Night are popular romantic movies on Netflix.

14. Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sci-fi and Fantasy are popular content genres on Netflix. Viewers love watching their favorite superhero movies and alien-based titles. 1492 is the secret code for exploring the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres.

Moreover, some acclaimed titles include Lucifer, the Flash, and Ragnarok. However, that’s not it. You can also use the Netflix secret codes below for a more detailed search.

Sci-fi & Fantasy Subcategories
  • 1568: Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 3327: Alien Sci-Fi
  • 47147: Classical Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 4734: Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 1964512: Cyberpunk
  • 2299461: Dystopian Futures
  • 9744: Fantasy Movies
  • 6485: Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 6926: Sci-Fi Adventure
  • 3916: Sci-Fi Drama
  • 1694: Sci-Fi Horror
  • 11014: Sci-Fi Thriller
  • 81238162: Supernatural Soap

15. Sports


The Netflix secret code for watching sports-based titles is 4370. It will open the world of sports-centered movies, including A League of Their Own, Rush, and The Karate Kid.

Moreover, you can use these additional secret codes for a more detailed search.

Sports Subcategories
  • 12339: Basketball Titles
  • 12762: Baseball Titles
  • 4582: BMX and Extreme Riding
  • 12443: Boxing Movies
  • 49944: Car and Motorsports Titles
  • 12803: Football Films
  • 6695: Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling
  • 12549: Soocer Titles
  • 5286: Sports Comedy
  • 180: Sports Documentary
  • 7243: Sports Drama
  • 9327: Sports and Fitness

16. TV Shows

netflix codes tv shows

Netflix hosts many popular and loved TV shows, including Shadow Hunters, Castle Rock, Peaky Blinders, and Jane the Hunter. Moreover, the platform also produces Netflix Originals like House of Cards and Narcos.

The Netflix secret code 82 will take you to the TV shows section. You can also use the following codes for a more streamlined search.

TV Shows Subcategories
  • 1192582: British Crime TV
  • 52117: British TV Shows
  • 46553: Classic TV Shows
  • 26146: Crime TV Shows
  • 74652: Cult TV Shows
  • 72436: Food & Travel TV Shows
  • 1143288: Gal Pal TV
  • 27346: Kids’ TV
  • 67879: Korean TV Shows
  • 25804: Military TV Shows
  • 4814: Miniseries
  • 9833: Reality TV
  • 52780: Science & Nature TV
  • 60951: Teen TV Shows
  • 10673: TV Action & Adventure
  • 10375: TV Comedies
  • 10105: TV Documentaries
  • 11714: TV Dramas
  • 83059: TV Horror
  • 4366: TV Mysteries
  • 1372: TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy

17. Thrillers

best netflix codes

The Thriller titles on Netflix include Unlocked, Extraction 2, Afwaah, and Army of Thieves. You can explore more such movies using the Thrillers’ secret code 8933.

Similarly, follow these category-based codes to explore the genre further.

Thriller Subcategories
  • 43048: Action Thrillers
  • 46588: Classic Thrillers
  • 10499: Crime Thrillers
  • 10306: Foreign Thrillers
  • 31851: Gangster
  • 3269: Independent Thrillers
  • 9994: Mysteries
  • 10504: Political Thrillers
  • 5505: Psychological Thrillers
  • 11014: Sci-Fi Thrillers
  • 9147: Spy Thrillers
  • 972: Steamy Thrillers
  • 11140: Supernatural Thrillers


Apart from the genres, you can also find Netflix secret codes for various content categories like LGBTQ, Roadtrip, and more. Here are the details for each category.

1. Art House

Art House is a dedicated content category on Netflix. You will love this section if you like watching Art House films like The Platform, Atlantics, The Falls, or Tragic Jungle.

Here are some Netflix secret codes for finding Art house Titles.

Art House Subcategories
  • 29733: Cerebral Art House Movies
  • 28979: Dysfunctional Family Art House Movies
  • 59556: German Art House Movies
  • 60438: Italian Art House Movies
  • 64394: Scandinavian Art House Movies

2. Binge Watching

Netflix offers miniseries from various regions and countries for a complete binge-watching experience.

If you have a free weekend, enjoy series like The Queen’s Gambit, Maid, Midnight Mass, and more using the Netflix secret codes below.

Binge Watching Subcategories
  • 52274: Australian Miniseries
  • 52620: British Crime Miniseries
  • 90949: Emmy-Winning Miniseries
  • 42444: Emotional Miniseries
  • 25944: Suspenseful Miniseries
  • 88350: Historical TV Miniseries

3. Bollywood

After Hollywood, Bollywood is another big entertainment industry from the subcontinent. Netflix offers various Bollywood movies for Hindi-speaking audiences. Moreover, you can also view subtitles for each movie. Here are the codes for finding Bollywood titles across various subcategories.

Bollywood Subcategories
  • 79798: Bollywood Crime Movies
  • 89863: Bollywood Comedies
  • 75096: Bollywood Dramas
  • 91543: Bollywood Action and Adventure
  • 77081: Bollywood Gangster
  • 75094: Bollywood Romance

You can use these codes to watch popular Bollywood movies like The White Tiger, Qala, Bheed, and more.

4. Christmas

The Christmas season has to be the coziest time of the year. Don’t we all enjoy our favorite Christmas movies with a hot mug of cocoa? Fortunately, Netflix offers a massive library of Christmas shows and movies.

You can use the following codes to explore Christmas genres like Kids, Family, and Comedies.

Christmas Subcategories
  • 1527064: British Christmas Children & Family
  • 1721544: Canadian Christmas Children & Family
  • 1474017: Christmas Children & Family
  • 1477206: Christmas Children & Family films for ages 11 to 12
  • 1477201: Christmas Children & Family films for ages 5 to 7
  • 1477204: Christmas Children & Family films for ages 8 to 10
  • 1476024: Christmas Children & Family films from the 1990s
  • 1474015: Christmas Comedies
  • 1726277: Christmas for Kids 
  • 1395703: Christmas TV Cartoons 
  • 1395700: Christmas TV Comedies
  • 1527063: European Christmas Children & Family
  • 1394522: Family-friendly Christmas
  • 1475066: Feel-good Christmas Children & Family
  • 1418977: Feel-good Christmas Films
  • 81351538: Festive Family
  • 107985: Festive Favorites
  • 394388: Festive Romance
  • 1475071: Goofy Christmas Children & Family
  • 1394527: Romantic Christmas
  • 81346420: Seasons Streamings
  • You can find many unique Christmas titles like Love Hard, Winter Wishes, Slumberland, Holidate, and more using secret codes.

5. Halloween

Halloween is the spookiest, most fun season of the year. The Trick or Treat season comes with incredible Halloween movies on Netflix.

You can view titles like Prank Encounters, Day Shift, Uncaged, and more using the following Netflix secret codes.

Halloween Subsections
  • 81346195: Family Halloween Movies
  • 81510605: Halloween Comedy Movies
  • 81336575: Halloween Favorite Movies

6. Independent

Independent titles refer to underrated titles or movies instead of traditional ones. The Netflix secret code for Independent movies is 7077.

You can use it to browse notable titles like Mudbound, The Beguiled, Phantom Thread, and Begin Again. Moreover, here are the codes to explore the Independent subcategories.

Independent subcategories
  • 11079: Experimental Titles
  • 11804: Independent Action & Adventure
  • 4195: Independent Comedic Titles
  • 384: Independent Dramas
  • 3269: Independent Thrillers
  • 9916: Romantic Independent Titles

7. International Titles

Netflix doesn’t only cater to an English-speaking audience. There are diverse International titles on the platform for a broader audience base. They include popular ones like Roma, A Beautiful Life, AKA The Life Ahead, and The Night Comes for Us. You can explore the category by using the secret code 78367.

Moreover, additional subcategories of International titles include the following.

International Titles Subcategories
  • 29764: Art House Movies
  • 3761: African Movies
  • 77232: Asian Movies
  • 5230: Australian Movies
  • 262: Belgian Movies
  • 10757: British Titles
  • 3960: Chinese Movies
  • 10606: Dutch Films :
  • 5254: Eastern European Movies
  • 11828: Foreign Action & Adventure
  • 58807: French Titles
  • 58886: German Movies
  • 61115: Greek Movies
  • 10463: Indian Films
  • 58750: Irish Titles
  • 8221: Italian Movies
  • 10398: Japanese Films
  • 2953105: K-Drama for Beginners
  • 5685: Korean Movies
  • 1613: Latin American Movies
  • 5875: Middle Eastern Titles
  • 63782: New Zealand Titles
  • 11567: Russian
  • 9196: Southeast Asian Movies
  • 9292: Scandinavian Movies
  • 58741: Spanish Titles


LGBTQ is one of the rising categories on Netflix. With new LGBTQ titles like A Secret Love, Ride or Die, Fanfic, etc., viewers are increasing daily. Netflix offers LGBTQ secret codes for watching your favorite titles.

Use code 5977 or follow the ones listed below to explore the category.

LGBTQ Subcategories
  • 7120: LGBTQ Comedy
  • 4720: LGBTQ Documentary
  • 500: Gay & Lesbian Drama
  • 65263: LGBTQ TV Show
  • 3329: Romantic Gay & Lesbian Titles

9. Roadtrip

Nothing’s better than watching road trip titles and thinking of going on a long drive with your friends.

Luckily, Netflix caters to users’ preferences and offers secret codes to unlock hidden road trip movies and dramas.

Roadtrip Subsections
  • 45407: Popular Road Trip Comedy
  • 45431: Critically Acclaimed Road Trip Dramas
  • 45302: Road Trip Action & Adventure

You can use these secret codes to find movies like Bad Trip, Seventeen, and Shirker.

10. Teen TV Shows

Teen TV Shows are another content category offered by Netflix. It contains various Teen titles, including Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Titans, The Society, Daybreak, and more.

Here are the Netflix secret codes to unlocking Teen entertainment.

Teen TV Shows Subcategories
  • 3519: Teen Comedy
  • 9299: Teen Drama
  • 52147: Teen Scream
  • 60951: Teen TV show

11. Underdog Titles

You can find a fantastic list of Underdog titles on Netflix. It includes acclaimed movies like Rocky, Hoosiers, The Verdict, Cool Runnings, and more.

For more such movies, use the Netflix secret codes below.

Underdog Titles Subcategories
  • 28092: Inspiring Underdog Dramas
  • 28289: Feel-Good Underdog Dramas
  • 53238: Underdog Dramas Based on Books
  • 29584: Underdog Family-Based Dramas

12. 90-minute Movies

There are many 90-minute movies on Netflix. You can use the secret code 81396426 to browse the available titles.

Moreover, you can also utilize the below-mentioned codes to unveil more hidden subcategories.

90-minute Movies Subcategories
  • 81466224: 90-minute Comedy
  • 81466229: 90-minute Family
  • 81466239: 90-minute Horror
  • 81466228: 90-minute Rom-Coms

Some famous 90-minute movies on Netflix include The Jerk, Seven Prisoners, An Easy Girl, etc.

Additional Netflix Codes Categories

You can find some other Netflix secret codes besides the genres and categories. We have compiled a short list of additional codes that may be useful. Take a look:

  1. 1592210: Recent Titles
  2. 34399: All Movies
  3. 81603903 Short Movies
  4. 81602050: 30-minute Laughs
  5. 81396426: 2-Hour Movies
  6. 839338: Only on Netflix

Do the Netflix Codes Work Globally?

Although Netflix’s secret codes will make your life easy, they aren’t available in every country. Netflix operates in around 190 countries, and each region has its own catalog of movies and TV shows.

Moreover, all Netflix libraries are geo-restricted. It means the content available in one region may be unavailable in the next. That’s why the Netflix codes don’t work in a few countries.

However, there’s a workaround for this issue. You can opt for a VPN to bypass regional/ geo-blocks. For example, ExpressVPN is a fast and dependable service that’ll conceal your actual location. Thus, you can access restricted Netflix libraries easily.

That said, if you use a VPN, yet some codes don’t work, it means Netflix has changed or removed them.


How many Netflix secret codes are there?

It’s challenging to quote the exact number of Netflix secret codes. New codes keep emerging regularly, and some old ones may stop working. As an average count, over 4000 Netflix codes are available for the public. You can use them to find hidden categories on the platform or make a genre-based search. The secret codes are available online, online forums, communities, and websites. Moreover, you can look for titles across Comedy, Action, Adventure, Documentary, Thrillers, and more by using the relevant secret codes.

Can you use Netflix secret codes on the app?

Yes, you can use the Netflix secret codes on the application. First, you must launch the Netflix app and complete the login process. Then, navigate to the search bar and enter the relevant code in the search field. Lastly, press enter to view all the available content for the code. For reference, you can enter 3519 to view all the teen comedy Dramas available on Netflix.

Why use a Netflix secret code?

You can use a Netflix secret code to unlock hidden genres and categories on Netflix. It lets you streamline your viewing experience on the platform and only see what interests you. Moreover, using secret codes unveils the secret content libraries unavailable on Netflix Home. Lastly, these codes are great for reducing your time browsing Netflix and quickly finding the genres you want.

Are Netflix codes legit?

Yes, Netflix’s secret codes are pretty legit. They’re a short, easy way to find hidden Netflix categories and titles. That said, not every secret code will work everywhere. Some content on Netflix is unavailable in certain countries, and the dedicated secret codes for that content won’t work there. Otherwise, the codes are a great way to navigate the thousands of titles on Netflix.

How do you use Netflix’s secret codes?

Using the Netflix secret codes is pretty straightforward. For a web browser, start by accessing the Netflix official site. Then, enter your email and password to complete the sign-in. Next, type in the browser’s address bar and replace ‘code’ with the secret code for your preferred category. For example, enter 43048 to view the library of Action Thrillers—lastly, press search to view the results.

Final Words

Have you ever wondered why the Netflix Home page only suggests traditional movies and titles? There’s a lack of diversity on the Explore page. It is because there are over 15,000 titles available on Netflix, and naturally, you can’t fit all the content on one page. This is where Netflix’s codes come in handy. You can use them to dive deeper and find hidden Netflix libraries. Using the dedicated secret codes, you will also find various underdog titles and underrated movies.


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